Baller Woes and Low Blows: Braylon St. Nik?

Jamari’s Thoughts

I need that Christmas wreath shaved off his face immediantely.
He does NOT look sexy.


Oh and baby by: Nik Pace from America’s Next Top Model fame.

I didn’t know they mated.
Hmm… I always thought he was….. well, you know.

Guess he stuck his dick in the right pussy and got trapped!

Congrats Nik.
Beautiful baby, good looking man (sans beard), and an 18 year check.

What more can you ask for?


Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “Baller Woes and Low Blows: Braylon St. Nik?”

  1. When I saw those pics, I couldn’t help but notice how cute the baby was…lol he needs to wack those weeds immediately! It’s all Rick Ross’ fault

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