F-BI: The Houston Allstar Party Foxhole Conglomerate Edition

nba allstar weekend is next week.
houston is where the party is at.
allstar time when if you are skilled enough,
you can get a baller wolf of all kinds to do whatever.
i like to work in one on one environments personally.
they can’t tell classy from who will suck dick on a hand stand at big events.
it still doesn’t mean you can’t go and have some fun!
bring back some “who fucked who?” and other ratchet inside scoop.
sexy vixens will be magnets that weekend.

i got an email from an insider f-bi who wanted to hip the other f-bi to all the events happening….

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The Power of the Fox Who Doesn’t Know His Power

People are attracted to power.

Am I the only one who gets turned on by a powerful man?
The way he moves.
His confidence.
The way he dresses.
The way he commands attention.
But what happens when it is a Fox in a powerful position?
How does one for direct all his power to the great Fox of them all?
And with that power do you become more intimidating
One thing us Foxes never try to do is be the one to conquer all, especially when it comes to Wolves.
We are always underneath scraping the barrel for that power.

So my question is this…

Would you want more power in your life?

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Industry events are always fun.

You go and hob knob with people in the know…

Video Girls and Hoes,
Real Models
Aspiring  or Established Actors
Potential fuck buddies with connections…

… or if you are a wall flower,
sit down, shut up, and have your face in your Foxberry with the concieted grin.

The entertainment/sports industry can be a very lonely place and without the proper connections,
you can be virually labelled a “no one” very fast.
That is why it is key to be at every event,
making yourself known to the world, “This is me… Now.”

When you finally do get your foot in the door,
you have finally arrived,
but there is more work that goes into solifying your face and status amongst the rich, famous, and soon to be replaced.

Be ready, my movin makin’ Foxes.
It is game time.

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