I’m The Real Slim Shady

I have noticed something in this lifestyle of ours…

We all have gym memberships.
Well, I don’t but I’m wondering if that is a big deal in landing a Wolf?
I have noticed that Wolves and Foxes alike are starting to be built like stallions.
The more meat mass you have, the more “wanted” you are.
Just go look at The Bone Collectors with their “Sex Me On This Wall” photo ops.
If you don’t, you better have extraordinary swagg, pretty face, or a major Foxhole…
It also appears being FAT also seems to be in.
It seems to give the illusion you have a donk… when you are just a donkey.

It seems being a Fox means looking like a Wolf…

^ Sidebar: That can’t be considered sexy, is it????

There are two obvious Foxes (or Hybrids) that work at my job.
Hybrids because they stay trying to check me out an flirt with me.
Today, they both came into work in tight fitting T-shirts and their bodies were… DAMN.
The tall sexier one has pecs and nice arms… but is lacking in the Fox tail department.
It seems like all the meat went up to his chest.
He has a very handsome face and I would probably let him get it.
The other is shorter and thick muscular with a round booty.
He is okay in the face, but his style can be really… “extravagant” on some days.
They are both semi-feminine and sort of bougie-ish, but they still look like potential Wolves (which is what fooled me…)

I am a slim Fox.
I am toned, like Hot Rod, but I’m not an Adonis as far as my body is concerned.
I have that “can fit into anything and still make it look hot” kind of body.
I have always been smaller due to my metabolism, but I noticed the Wolves I like are bigger.
Vixens never complained about my body and the few Wolves I baited said it was sexy as hell.
Even the fat ones want to pick me up and carry me home.
I love my body and I’m thankful I’m not flat as a pancake or boxed shaped lol.
But, when you look at other Foxes and it seems they are packing on the meat too.
Arms, chest, back, ass…
It all made me wonder…

Is muscular the new “Fox”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “I’m The Real Slim Shady”

  1. i think its the manly stygma that goes with it. i mean i go to the gym 5 days a week but i go for me not for the wolves . but i aint gone lie im changing gyms cause the wolf collection is dwendeling lol. but it i do get looks every once and a while from the wolfs but they still dont bite

  2. yes, i agree with you that muscular is the new it thing. but muscular and fox has always gone hand in hand to me. you’d think muscles equals pure top, but homeboys wanna ride. from experience i can say that the more muscular a dudes been the more lady-like in the bedroom. serious. i think it works for both wolf and fox. check it. if you are a wolf then being with a muscular fox gives off the impression that you are with a real manly-man. cuz you know the worst thing is to be with a feminine thin and fragile man, because then why not sleep with a woman instead. as for the fox, they get to pass off as butch even if they are the biggest queenies out there.

    as a wolf i hate foxes that are all cut up and shit. major turn off. i want your soft fresh smelling skin. i wanna be able to wrap my arms around you and pull you closer. shit. i guess i’m old school.

    on a side note: (1) what’s surprising is that these kids are hitting the gym at 15-16 now and have the body of grown ass man. (2) in europe men (gay or straight) are slender but toned, and they look manly and natural and handsome. so this bigger is better is definitely an american thing. as usual.


  3. Yeah Jamari I think it is. But I think its the new “trend” for the African American gay community, because the the Caucasian gay guys have always been beef and muscle heads, who were jock straps and etc. I mean I have always been into my body and have a nice one, but too be out of shape and gay or bi is against the status quo in gay community except for that niche group who believe more cushion for the pushing..

  4. Okay a few things. Fat boys who have fat asses are usually used strictly for sex. I think their sort of objective them into body parts and don’t deal with the rest. I they typically just hit it from the back aaannnddd… thats about it lol. I’m not impressed by fat boys who have fat asses simply because its fat by default. But they like for that part of themselves and show it off often on social media.

    And i think foxes tend to have nice bodies in attempts to fit into the male ideal in the way women get breast impacts and liposuction. There is this need to sort of “please” dominant men and get their attention as we compete with other foxes and that’s usually the best way to go about it. Not to say there isn’t pressure to look good for everyone because that’s society as a whole but from a foxes perspective, that’s how i see it. Confidence is great but confidence AND a nice body tends to put you ahead of the rest because wolves do like the idealized male body just like we do. Go back to many of the “Wolf Meat” entries on here and you’ll see the comments.

    But not all wolves like nice toned bodies obviously like joseph just said. I have a bit of a stomach and some guys seemed to like that “softness.” And in regards to the photo of the fysh, a lot of white men actually do prefer that body type as opposed to large hips and large breasts.

    1. ^^ very true.
      as Joseph said,
      even the queens are getting buff so their pictures can fool the masses.

      I feel if your body can give off the impression you work out.
      you are also in the win.

      This one Wolf said I have a nice body and being slim,
      that is the first time I ever heard that.
      In the black community,
      they tease you for either being fat or skinny.
      I use to be super skinny but my body started to fill out and curve in places due to little working out and a ton of walking lol

  5. I find confidence and face more important than the body. A guy doesn’t have to be ripped for me to find him attractive. I’ve noticed I’m attracted to chubby guys too, as long as I find his face attractive.

    I have a short, naturally thick body build. I don’t workout but I’m not fat or chubby and I’m totally fine with that. I couldn’t careless what anyone else looks like and I don’t really look at other foxes as “competition” either (and I don’t mean that in a looking down on someone way).

    Soooooo Jamari, you have a body like Hot Rod? The last thing I need or want, is to fantasize about another foxes body lol. But then again, he’s more fox than wolf too lol.

    1. ^^ yup!
      I have been low key drooling over him myself.
      I don’t know if it is his body… or his dick.

      I agree because a handsome face is important in this whole deal.
      When you stop working out, if you do not have a nice looking face,
      then you fall twenty steps back.

      I never looked at Foxes at competition (needs to be an upcoming entry)
      because I always felt that between what I got going on and my personality,
      I am way ahead of others.
      I more-so go on what Wolves think of me.

  6. … and sometimes if you are a Fox with a nice body and handsome face,
    I low-key have visions of trying to turn you out until I have had fun with you….
    … but that is the Werewolf in me.

  7. Having a nice body is good, but I also think that confidence plays a strong role. I’m lean & toned too (closer to Hot Rod than Metrell — working towards the latter), but because my body is still nice, I get attention. People also tend to like my eyes & smile too — and I guess it doesn’t hurt that I have a little booty lol

    I personally don’ tlike em too big; I like the natural, toned look a lot (healthy, in-shape, but not too gym-cut)

      1. Y’all like something to hold onto 😀

        And I can always tell which way a hybrid leans by how much attention he pays to my backside (clothed or not) lol

    1. Right?!

      I need some pics to add to my online Cakes Collage! lol

      YBW, just email the pics to me so I can verify..lol

      1. Can’t wait to see these postings! I’m a wolf and I’m obsessed wtih cakes, including my own. LOL A wolf with cakes is a sexy, tantalizing dessert not unlike cheesecake, bananas foster or cherries jubilee. And there is precedent: Rico Strong, Lexington Steele, Nat Turnher, Mr. Marcus (who is looking kinda flat lately) and my all-time favorite Justin Slayer are living proof.

  8. I was wondering when Jay was going to resurrect “Rise of the Foxtails: Wolf Edition.” If I remember correctly, few wolves were willing to submit their entries. Let’s hope this time around braver heads prevail. 🙂

    1. I propose the following submit photos immediately:

      1. Vain (his thighs alone kill the competition so I can only imagine the wagon he’s dragging)

      2. omg007 (he works out a lot and he’s from New Orleans…thats a combo for a formidable backside)

      3.YngBlkWolf (since he wanted to brag..lol)

      Just to sweeten the deal I’ll add you all to my “Cakes Hall of Fame” Collage I’ve been adding to since I was 16. You’ll esteemed opportunity to join the likes of all my hookups AND Tyson Gay, and Larry Fitzgerald.

      Think about it, but don’t take too long 😉

  9. i see i’m fashionably late to the party. sorry was at the gym haha as a fox with a body similar to miguel lee (since we’re keepin it classy and comparing ourselves to porn stars) i’ll be the first to tell anyone; a body will change your life.

    (beginning to sound like an infomercial)

    i was thin because of my metabolism and though I had an attractive face I was tired of watching all of the other guys get looked at like steak dinners while me like a cute puppy. so i joined my local gym, got some protein and went hard in the paint. needless to say along with the face, clothes fit better and the words “sexy as hell, fuck, shit etc” gets thrown around on a regular basis. AND SCENE.

    lol no but seriously i think a body just puts you in a different league as a fox. it shows masculine wolves that you’re somewhat athletic as well and can hang. as long as you have some swag it also does alot to throw the queens the try to clock all the time and makes you look like just one of the guys. never too out of control but some good cuts, a cute face and some booty meat goes a long way. from experience.

      1. haha “enthusiast” i hate working working out. but i love the results! but i think its based on preference. some guys like a thin frame.

        side bar. i too like a wolf with ass. i dont know its just sexy. by the way jamari i was in the same vip area with a certain lance gross yesterday, leaned over and whispered; “i know someone else who’s discreet too” 😉

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