I May Have To Start Running Track

Ladies and gentleman!
Now both up to run..
Jamari Fox and his donkey of an ass…

Who will win????…

If I had an ass like that,
I know jeans would be a BITCH to find…
… but Wolves would be hypnotized by cheeks and walls.
Once you stuck your dick in me, you were mine.

I really love how Tyson has a sense of humor about his ass.
I know they have become great friends over the years.

Tyson… the Foxhole salutes you and it!

Any pointers on how to get an ass like that in 30 days?
Wolves… shut up.


^lol a whole video dedicated to his booty….
Has he seen this?

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19 thoughts on “I May Have To Start Running Track”

  1. good heavins!!!! it wonder if he a pure power bottom? so i see why bolt win all them races he aint got nothing compared to gays ass

  2. O mon Dieu. The straight wolves can have Serena, and we can have Tyson. Just a side note on finding pants that fit for Mr. Gay: I remember reading a Sports Illustrated article about some speed skater (not Chad Hedrick, but I’m sure he has the same problem) finding pants. He had a regular 32-inch waist, but since his thighs and booty were so big, he had to buy pants with a size 38-inch waist!!! I’m sure Tyson has a good tailor.

  3. Gatdamn! I love how even the cameramen try not to get too close up on his booty, like they know that thang is huge…lol

    Squats, lunges, more squats, more lunges, & running — I can help you do some stretches 😉

      1. I will definitely link to your blog whenever I make a new video and link you on a few forums as well.

        What’s your email? If you find clips that would make my videos better then let me know.

  4. I don’t know who’s ass is phatter: Tyson, Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, Chad Hedrick or James Blake.


    Have to love athletes, right?

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