To Hell With Levis! Let’s Get Leopard Skin!


More than a few people wondered what kind of pants Lil Wayne was wearing during his VMA performance Sunday. Turns out they were women’s jeggings.

The leggings are made by Tripp NYC, who confirm of their Facebook page that Weezy was rocking their leopard print pants, which retail for $44

So who is getting a pair??!!?!
You know you want too.
It made his booty sit up nice and right…


Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “To Hell With Levis! Let’s Get Leopard Skin!”

  1. Sooo when did hip hop revert to wearing tight clothes?? And he still sagging in them but he does have a lil body on him now. S/N the Carter 4 goes HARD!!!!

  2. I hear due to his platinum teeth that his breath doesn’t smell too great. Ugly pants though. We can pretend like cunts aren’t the ones who are dressing all of these pop stars but… we know who’s come up with putting straight men in women’s clothes.

      1. Yea…he looks like he has yuckmouth syndrome but I have plenty of Listerine and breath mints for him. I only need his breath to be fresh for an hour

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