I Love A Wolf With A Lot of Meat.

And I bet you do too Foxes…

I like a nice body soaking wet with “Have It Your Way“.
I like a Wolf with a handsome face.
I like my iCandy; I have a sweet tooth for sweet meat.
Workout warriors, toned and tite, or even thick N right…
I like my Wolf to have meat in the right places.
Nothing beats feeling a nice tight body laying on top of you… or even for cuddle time.

Is that being shallow?

I was talking to a Wolf I met last year who is NOT my type last night on the phone.
He is a fat rolly polly Wolf with a bad attitude and a “privileged” mind frame.
He called me out the blue to see how I was doing and to try his best to get at me.
For the millionth time, IT AIN’T HAPPENING.
Out of obvious frustration, he decided to be honest about why I am single:

“Your standards are too high.”
“You need to date everyone who tries to get at you.”
“What is the problem with a regular Wolf that isn’t like those football players you like?”

… in turn,
I decided to be honest on why I thought he was an idiot.
As I politely let him have it, I mentally started to dissect those three sentences as they were the fuel for my word rockets.

EVERYONE has standards.
We all have things that we require when it comes to people we are interested in.
I hate when Wolves try to condemn Foxes for who they are interested in,
when they will turn around and have a list of demands they want Foxes to have.

So why can’t a Fox say:

“No, I want some pecs and some abs to feast on?”

Date everyone?
That sounds ludicrous.
I am all for meeting people and seeing what is out there…
but if I’m not attracted to you, I’m not going to force an attraction to cure loneliness.
I am not ugly and I am DEFINITELY know my worth.
Hell, even the ugly have standards as he clearly does. LOL.

I like Regular Wolves…
I just like a man who looks good.
Even if he has a nice face, you have to have something I am attracted too.
Also a job, car, and goals are very important because I don’t fuck with ragga-muffins.

It all made me think of Foxes and our standards.
Is it wrong to want what we desire?
Or, should we settle with someone just because?
Wolves have their likes and wants and usually get what they please,
but for a Fox, we have to dig through the bargain bin in hopes of finding a shiny new Wolf.
It made me wonder, if they say that we should ask for what we want….

Are we asking for too much?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “I Love A Wolf With A Lot of Meat.”

  1. I’ve noticed that there’s a certain level of attractiveness you must possess to sort of be “allowed” to exclusively be into the guys we’re attracted to. The malos (cuz she’s in the gif, fuckin a white boy?) of the world can sort of say something like “masculine, fine men only” and no one is going to get angry at her. Is it okay to feel that way and want a certain type o man? Absolutely.

    Are we asking for too much? I dunno. I recognize that most wolves do not look like Devin Thomas but really, they don’t have to. Just be cute. A 7 is adequate. Don’t have to be ripped but look like you made an effort at the gym. Be regular. Just like the plethora of straight men we come across on a day to day. And i still don’t believe our standards are unrealistic. Not when i can walk past 10 guys on the street who could all get it.

    1. even if you weren’t a “malo”,
      it really has anything to do with how you look seriously.

      ugly boys are getting sexy wolves.
      flat backed foxes are too.
      pretty vixens are often left wondering why their uglier counterparts get all the wolves and they don’t.

      i feel my attitude and part time shyness keeps me from meeting wolves i want.
      my face usually has a serious demeanor, i dress real good, and when i see someone i am attracted to – i get shy upon first meeting which may come off as UN-interested or anti social.
      i may come off intimidating to people – as a couple people have told me.

      looks really have no play in getting a wolf.
      all my past wolves were 7, 8, 9, or 10 and they came to me.
      these days, they want YOU to go to them.

      1. So you’re sayying its attitude and confidence that make the difference?

        And im learning that you do infact have to do what MrSOmagical said and be forward and direct. Introduce yourself as the man of their dreams. Talk to them and ask them questions. They like that you’ve taken interest in them.

        Looking cute or being sexy IS. NOT. ENOUGH.

        1. Yup.
          Malo LOOKS confident and has attitude.
          That is what makes him attractive beyond words.
          He is cute, yes, but he has confidence.
          He was damn near upsided down and fingering himself – he better.

          Everyone doesn’t have to be confident in that way but you must feel like you are worth something.

          Cute and sexy is not enough because if you have nothing to talk about,
          you are boring.
          You have no goals or dreams,
          you are lifeless.

          Never be that person.

  2. I use to get that all the time. Had me questioning if I should “lower” my standards about everything within my lifestyle…but I decided nahhh…When I uphold my standards people talked about me…when I attempted to put them down…people talked about me…so I’d rather hold onto them and live the way I wish to…does not stop my show.

    And what is too much exactly? The only problem I see with our standards is that we have them but we are not steadily doing what is necessary to maintain them…it’s like this I know what I am attracted to, sexy, nice body, redbone, straight or nearly-straight man (lol), but I cannot get that if I am at home all day everyday, I have to be at the gyms, malls, bars, etc. where they are and introduce myself as the guy of their dreams.

    Personally, there is nothing wrong with having high standards. What will this world be without them? I cannot fathom going around being a mattress for every guy to lay on…ugh no! Everyone has standards its just some who value and seek more whereas others stop at a point and settle.

  3. I think standards are very important. However, I’ve noticed A LOT of dudes are extremely picky about the way they want their dude to look, and they dismiss near perfect matches for the pettiest of reasons. Everyone has a right to be as picky as they want, but I think a lot of dudes shut out attractive, worthy guys because they don’t quite fit their vision of Mr. Right. Maybe I can feel this way because I tend to be attracted to different types of guys.

    I will say that I hate it when dudes say looks don’t matter and that it’s all about personality. Personality is important, but looks are too. To me, attractiveness is heavily predicated on factors within your control. I’ve never met an unattractive dude that couldn’t significantly improve his looks by working out more, getting some Crest white strips, putting on some lotion and getting a new wardrobe. To me, someone who doesn’t put any effort into the way they look (grooming, hygiene, working out, dressing well) should NOT expect to fare well in the dating scene. Not taking care of yourself physically is not only displeasing to the eye, but it also implies that you don’t care enough about yourself to make an effort.

    1. ^I love this Moody.

      “Not taking care of yourself physically is not only displeasing to the eye, but it also implies that you don’t care enough about yourself to make an effort.”

      That is why I believe what they say about a man’s shoes.

  4. A friend anked me just an hour ago if she was shallow for wanting to back out of a new situation with someone who she is extremely attracted to personality-wise but not so much physically. I told her “you’re the one that’s got to fuck,love and look at them. If you aren’t happy with it get out” personal prefs are personal bc they are what YOU like. Fuck what others think. just my view on it. If you see something in someone worth bending your standards for, so be it. But that is your decision.

    Cause I def like a nice personality, piece, face and body. Call me shallow if you want. And on only one of those three I can compromise. I’ll let y’all guess which of them it is lol

    Fatty sounds like a loser. Instead of YOU bending for him tell him to meet YOUR requirements andhit some crunches.

  5. Ty the way wolves. Saw you’re precious Malo out around town a couple days ago. He’s really cute! A lil show off (I think he thought I was a wolf) but he’s cute.

      1. You try to get me to tell ALL my secrets J lol those are diff convos for diff times.

        I’ll tell you this though; You were saying he’s so confi. He seemed like he depends HEAVILY on physical appearance which is the right way to pull the wrong attn. Pay attn, “I’ll teach you how to stunt”. Lol

        1. ^Oh wow.
          That is not good.
          I feel a lot of gay men do this too.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt lonely.
          He seems nice, but I am sure there is a deeper side to him he won’t let anyone see.

  6. #whoisjamarifox :
    i feel my attitude and part time shyness keeps me from meeting wolves i want.
    my face usually has a serious demeanor, i dress real good, and when i see someone i am attracted to – i get shy upon first meeting which may come off as UN-interested or anti social.
    i may come off intimidating to people – as a couple people have told me.

    I can relate to this because my face always have a serious demeanor as well and most people that talk to me a while later always confess that they were interested in me but thought I was a straight up bitch and come to find out that I was actually cool. From that time…

    But I don’t even notice it because my mind is always going and my facial expressions depict whats happening up there…despite whether I am staring you down, which by the way I don’t even take notice. It’s depressing at times.

    1. ^I agree.
      I usually have a lot on my mind.
      I never do it unintentionally, but I have a “thinker’s face”.

      Maybe someone needs to teach those how to have a more “open” face.

      1. Practice. You’ll have to consciously do it for a couple weeks until it’s ingrained in your body/subconscious. It’s the only way to really learn/break a habit. *shrug*

        S/N: The body on that top dude is sick! I hope he face matches…

  7. When you said alot of meat I was expecting to see pics of sum thick dudes…The guys you posted are all muscle…I understand wut ur saying tho…

    I like a meaty guy. Royce da 5’9 is a short meaty guy. Cole from martin was a meaty guy. Yanno thick but not beer bellyish. I like the muscle dudes too…

  8. Hey I like whats been said and I agree with Jay and you too Jamari that MrSoMagical and FoxAndTheC sumed it up. I agree with them. However Jamari, I think what YBW was referring to is to remain conscious of your facial features and I think a good way to do it is to think about happy thoughts or funny stuff that happened in the past and etc, thats what I do and most times when you see me, I’ll be smirking or smiling because I’m thinking about all my blessings.

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