I’m Not Suckin’ Your Pipe Until You Tell Me I’m Worth Something To You Muthafucka

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvahpROFPhA]

(lil kim murdered that verse.)

 i often wondered if men are supposed to have standards?
i always hear that we are always supposed to be DTF.
we meet someone online/in the club and spread it the same night.
anything else is how vixens are supposed to be treated.
they are the ones who need to be pampered.
they are the ones who get the vip life.
this is why all the vixens who are hoes get the husband,
while the gay guy who is a hoe gets HIV.
as a fox who clearly loves himself,
am i suddenly supposed to turn that off to meet a wolf?
am i suppose to be easy to get something that is hard?
looking online and all around,
i see what happens to people who forget their value.
on the flip of a coin,
i also see what it is like to hold your value and be alone.
i started to wonder…

Are men in this lifestyle supposed to be valuable?

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I Love A Wolf With A Lot of Meat.

And I bet you do too Foxes…

I like a nice body soaking wet with “Have It Your Way“.
I like a Wolf with a handsome face.
I like my iCandy; I have a sweet tooth for sweet meat.
Workout warriors, toned and tite, or even thick N right…
I like my Wolf to have meat in the right places.
Nothing beats feeling a nice tight body laying on top of you… or even for cuddle time.

Is that being shallow?

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