I Leave For A Weekend…

… and my foxberry was blowing up to crazy SPOTTED messages about my Daddy to be,
Devin Thomas,
in The Concrete Forest and anywhere else.

I command a GANG of spies who look out for me.
I LOVE my Foxes for that.

So Devin, you have been a busy busy man….

So he has been at two events that Diddy has been apart of.
But, I see you Diddy…. or do I see you Devin?

You know what they say about dudes who associate themselves with Diddy…
I’m worried. LOL

Either way…


Real big out here in The Concrete Forest this winter.
I got my pair and wear them proudly.

Funny enough,
I was going to wear those same colors to an event I attended this weekend…

I see we are in sync.

I had to do a major exhale looking at these pictures.
He does things to this body of mine that makes me want to do things to this body of his.

I have hope that one day he will browse the net and find my page.
He will holla at me and we live fuckingly ever after….

….Or we meet in a public situation and repeat the scenario.


Either way,
I WILL have some of that.
I can be very persuasive.

Later Foxes.

Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “I Leave For A Weekend…”

  1. It makes no damn sense for Devin to be that got damn phyne and live so muthafuckkin close to me and I can’t get a taste! LMAO

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