Big Willie from Day26 Sex Convo

Married with kid or not.

I’d still let him smash my brains out.

So I called it when I first saw that group be made.

“Big Willie is going to be a solo star.”

Truth be told,
he looks much better than the other backup singers.
Had more swagg and sex appeal.
Plus – he has a nice peen in between his legs.
(Check the archives)

Good enough for me.

Plus on that 106 New Years Special,
while the others wore matching outfits,
he had on his own thing going on.
Reminded me of Beyonce, pre Sasha Fierce and pro Destiny’s Churren.

So Big Willie Taylor has blessed us with his solo effort.
It is called “Sex Tape”.
I wish he would release a sex tape WITH the mixtape….
But only in my dreams, right?

making of video and video of the song, Sex Conversation below.

Making of Sex Conversation/Photo Shoot


Sex Conversation Video


Big Willie.
Holla at cha Fox.

This could be U + Me:

Sorry Wifey.
You can watch if you’d like.


Later Foxes

4 thoughts on “Big Willie from Day26 Sex Convo

  1. When he was shirtless i forgot how to breathe. All hes doing is just standing there and singing to the camera… thats when you KNOW you’re gorgeous. That lucky bytch in the video…ugh!And yeah he was always cuter that his band makes and that was obvious from the jump.

    Every time he licks his lips and angels gets his wings!

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