as a gamer,
i can font you just how aggressive that gaming can get.
when your testosterone is up,
and the gaming isn’t going your way,
you are bound to flip the entire fuck out.
i’ve legit had to cuss people tf out just for making our team lose.
tiktok star,
ron teasley,
who claims he was “everybody’s gay best friend“,
was pretty popular on the platform with a 258.3k followers.
he was murdered by his boyfriend because of a video game

TikTok star Rory Teasley has reportedly died after his boyfriend of 10 years strangled him to death over a video game dispute.

According to police in Pontiac, Michigan, Teasley’s boyfriend, Docquen Jovo Watkins, choked the 28-year-old to death during a fight over the popular video game Overwatch. Watkins, 31, has been charged with second-degree murder, court records obtained by People show.

Police released a statement on Teasley’s tragic death alleging Watkins called the Oakland County Police Department to his home on January 6 and told officers he and Teasley had gotten into an altercation while playing video games.

When police arrived, Watkins told them Teasley was sleeping on the couch, but the 28-year-old was unresponsive, not breathing and taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead by medical staff.

i’ve seen people nearly come to blows over mario party,
especially when a mofo steals your star.
lemme not cap,
a past friend’s little brother use to flip tf out over losing in mario kart.
i mean crying and fighting like what is even happening.

i’m confused over one thing:

How can a couple of 10 years,
who probably have played thousands of video games together,
get to this point where someone died over Overwatch?

i feel like there is more to this story.
rip to rory teasley.

lowkey: i’m not an overwatch stan,
but that community can get pretty toxic.

all gaming communities can be toxic.
you gotta have thick skin for this gaming shit.

article cc: chicago defender

see rory teasley’s tiktok: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. There are some games dudes will fight over if it gets to a point of that. That’s when you erase somebody NBA2K Myplayer that had all the stats maxed with all the gear that he paid for. That will cause a fight. You know how many hours he put into that character and you erased it just because. You will lose a friendship like that. That’s consider stealing and invading personal privacy to gamers. To non-gamers, its petty. I have seen arguments over Call of Duty when somebody leaves a man behind and they get popped. Going the wrong way causing them to lose the mission, or taking their health packs, it gets pretty heated in these games. There are seven year olds who go to war with Adults in the chat and the seven year old will report the Adult and get them banned from playing on the game for a while. I’m talking a good minute.

    Who knows what Overwatch is, but looking at the size difference, he choked him and told him to sleep on it and obviously didn’t realize how much damage he really caused. This doesn’t sound like it was meant on purpose. It sounds more of they fought and to calm him down he choked him out and wanted him to be escorted out. Something they will forget about later and move on. I seriously doubt this was premeditated but who knows, people are crazy enough to do stuff like that. Definitely want to know like what happened.

    1. Gamer or non-gamer, IT IS DEFINITELY petty and sad. NOTHING material is worth ending someone’s life over. I’d say in this case (and the case of many gamers) it is a matter of one’s mental health not being in check. My prayers are with both of their families and loved ones. Truly a very sad situation.

  2. He looks completely unrepentant. That look says it all. Rory was a cute one. Maybe fame had advanced his prospects for a future with someone else and this wide eyed banshee couldn’t handle the heat of the truth.
    It is shameful. You have to carefully ease your hand out of a lions mouth.
    RIP Rory.

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