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Gore, Gross ass shit

i still haven’t forgotten how my past church hurt me.
i’ve forgiven them but i’ll never forget how they did me.
i was just talking to someone from my past church about what i went through.
even years later,
the person is still proud of me for standing up and fighting back.
i think it has caused me to look sideways at church folks tbh.
i don’t attend any church even though i use to stream td jakes heavy.

If you want to see a bunch of followers in one setting,
go to a church.

church people are the original toxic stan group.
the way they’ll turn on you for their pastor,
or how they hate on others that aren’t in “the Jesus circle”,
is unmatched than the hive or the barbz.
one of my great friends sent me this interesting video today.
pastor mike todd from the transformation church in tulsa, ok

spits in his hand and does this to one of the members…


i threw up.
i won’t even cap.
why in God’s name is THAT okay?

what part of that is making that fool gentleman go to heaven?
how much you wanna bet someone from that congregation would say:

“If you don’t let him hock a loogie on you,
you are disobeying God and not showing your faith.”

some church jackals LOVE to gaslight and manipulate you.
they LOVE to play the “you aren’t loyal” like it’s some kind of gang.
i was at the getting that kind of treatment before i had to start swinging.

i’m getting “i love humiliation” from mike todd.
the type who has the power so he uses it to embarrass people under him.
in the regular forest,
that fool gentleman would never let that happen.

it’s a Pastor and he is connected to God so it’s okay!

couldn’t be me and will never be me.

this is pastor mike todd’s response:


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lowkey: even if the pastor doesn’t spit on people,
they find other interesting ways to humiliate their flock.

see more from pastor mike todd: here

the entire sermon from “the loogie from the Lawd”:


  1. I couldn’t watch the whole thing because after the cough part and then to hock it up, oh no, demonstration over. I see Pastor point in what he was saying, but that should have been enough. The fact you shook it in your hand!

    Let me tell you something, that would be the last day I was a member of that church. I would be the dude who walked up while the preaching was preaching on LIVE and started swinging on the other deacon sitting down; that would have been me swinging on the Pastor once that spit touched my face. I will be Madea in a minute…. “Oooh you Christian’s kill me picking and choosing scriptures to fit what you saying.” “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, if you have been redeemed by the Lord, you can beat them down and say, SO.”

  2. Jamari
    I had a Pentecostal background. It got so deep with me suffering from rejection and PTSD and it took years to de- fragment from it.
    I love God and I turned my life back to Him; but the Saints were rough on a sensitive soul. It was a legalistic environment that seethed in toxicity. Strive for a spiritual life, not a religious one. There are great teachers who have divorced themselves from tomfoolery. Dr. Creflo Dollar has really transformed and has some marvelous 30 minute lessons.
    I am not proselytizing, just saying, so take it with a grain of salt.
    Miss Todd is something to watch and someone to avoid. I can just imagine what you went thru.

    1. You can have your opinions and beliefs but we got to get to a point that we get passed former trauma and hurt and be able to maturely articulate our feelings. Every time somebody or something hurts you, doesn’t mean they are the devil and you have to wish evil on them. That’s shows you are still in pain and haven’t moved on from it yet. Karma is real and she always moves in unpredictable ways. You keep moving forward grateful for the lesson so your blessing doesn’t get hindered by a root of bitterness. I’ve noticed that about your recent posts about the black therapist and how you talk about your former employers.

      As for this mess, I always felt something off about him and that pastor Gray that was running around on Oprah’s channel. I tell everybody to pray for and develop a spirit of discernment when it comes to these church leaders and you won’t be church hurt when they literally spit on you lol. Spit is one of those body fluids that will make me vomit so I won’t be watching the video.

  3. “Matthew 7:15
    King James Version
    15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” That’s what he gives me. Especially with the “apology” . Anyone that smiles like that while they apologize, usually isn’t sincere, it’s a performance

  4. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!!!! And JESUS would’ve had to save that pastors life that day!!!! Just plain out NAAAASSSSSSTTTTTY!!!!!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. Yeah, we would have been throwing down right then and there!! I’m sure that charlatan will lie and claim he was trying to copy what Jesus did with the blind man in Mark 8:23. HOWEVER, in this day and age of Covid!! OH HELL TO THE NO!!! It would have been on!!

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