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here i am,
trying to decide if i wanna take the train to go see “scream“.
amc lincoln center 13 is my go-to movie theater,
but the mta is a risk and a half these days.
( x see one of the risks )
here i am,
overly concerned,
but ya’ll out here doing this

 whole asses on the D train seats.

how fitting?
are they still cleaning the trains these days or…?
if not…
good to see folks are being creative with their group outings these days.
i mean,
it is the best time to do this kind of shit tbh.
the trains are empty so you can do all kinds of fuckery right now.
grab your coat,
and let your inhibitions run wild!

lowkey: imagine how fast you gotta jack off before the next stop.


  1. The amount of bacteria, unknown sexually transmitted infections, COVID and the variants and these young men still put themselves at risk for temporary pleasure. Hell, there freedom is at risk to. All it will take is a team of law enforcement to catch on to what’s going on in the catacombs of New York.

  2. Yeah. I’m disgusted and I know most people do not care and are turned on by this kind of content but there needs to be laws and surveillance for this kind of activity. I don’t care, I don’t care. I want to start seeing these young individuals start being arrested and made examples of because this is disgusting and unruly. I can list many other things they could do with their time.

    Mark my word, one day there will be a system that will eradicate this behavior and at the least start taking in account how predatory this is. Instant gratification only leads to future misery. I promise.

  3. That is very hot. I do love having sex in public places like nude beaches. The thrill of getting caught, watched or have others join in is all a part of it (yea Imma freak lol). Have you ever done it in a public place J? I got a blow job from my boyfriend at the time in the back of a public bus once but otherwise it’s been at nude beaches for me.

  4. I just hate that their handle stands for ‘gay af in public’, as if there aren’t alrdy enough ppl who think pervert and gay are synonymous.

    I’m moving to Antarctica.

  5. Hell 2 Da Nawwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

    I thought “Only Fans’ put Porno out of business. This can not be real.

    Please tell me this is from a movie.

  6. Folks do the most. Risking it all for indecent exposure charges. I just thank God that I’m never that horny to do something so stupid

  7. The videos are still coming in, they had a whole orgy on that train. Apparently besides jacking, it was a whole train of dick sucking and nut busting action all over that train. Dude might want to censor every face in that video because when the MTA get in trouble for that, they coming for every face shown in that video and they will use them cameras at stations to find out who was on that train.

    CTA trains in Chicago have cameras on them but people have managed to hide where the cameras cant see them or they may cover their face until they get out the station where no camera is visible.

    Happy Birthday MLK. I can only imagine what’s coming out of Atlanta next.

  8. I cannot even remember when I was actually SHOCKED or SHAKENED or SHOOK by anything men will do for a nut or the lengths they will go to in order to get it.

      1. I was telling a friend how people our age 27-35 are the new weird niggas remember when we were young and we would be like “I ain’t gone never do drugs!!!!” Well look at poppers coke and tina in the community

        We have become Our abusers

        The same older men who preyed on teens many gay men have resigned to an “anything goes” mentality

        And social media feeds this bc the crazier it is, the more clicks likes and views

        I hope they all are arrested

        Also I’ve seen clips of the unedited one and they were on the 1 train and the Latino guy has on a wedding band. I’m sure he’s married to a woman while he’s sucking dick on the train at night and told her he was going to the store.

        1. Why can’t we strive for normalcy

          Like imagine if we put this effort we put into coordinating this bullshit into having successful, healthy relationships with our loved ones

          If u do shit like this u need therapy

          And we in an era of me too but nobody worried about the ppl who work overnights and have to clean this shit up

          Or worse, have to see it irl

          I’ve been on the train and two people sat across from me who were clearly panting after having sex in a park in Harlem and I knew this cuz the bigger guy had on jeans and was sagging with no underwear like he pulled his pants up in a hurry.

          I get ppl go for thrills but let’s leave it to hotels and closed spaces from now on, it does nothing for our image as a community

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