*Tip for those coming to New Yawk to visit/start a new life here.
If you ever get lost somewhere,
always take a train to Times Square.
You can always find your way,
or a transfer to your correct train,
from that location.
Bing Bong.

when i go to the train,
i have a habit of standing right at the yellow line.
its a force of habit living here especially if you’re on a crowded platform.
the new yawk foxhole knows the deal.
as crime rises in this forest,
there has been a lot of crime happening on the mta.
a deranged homeless hyena pushed someone to their death at 42nd street

NYPD have arrested a homeless man accused of shoving an Asian woman to her death in front an oncoming subway train in Times Square.

Simon Martial, 61, is charged with second-degree murder after the Saturday morning incident at around 9:40 a.m. in Manhattan when a woman was killed at the southbound N, Q, R and W platform at West 42nd Street and Broadway.

Police have identified the woman as Michelle Alyssa Go, 40, who lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. 

Martial has a history of mental illness and told reporters to ‘go f*** yourself’ as he was walked out of a Midtown precinct on Saturday night, declaring himself ‘God.’

‘Yeah because I’m God,’ he said when asked if he killed Go, the New York Post reported. ‘Yes I did. I’m God, I can do it.’

He then claimed: ‘She stole my f***ing jacket, that’s why.’ 

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said the attack was ‘unprovoked’ and the victim ‘does not appear to have any interaction with the subject.’

he was on a pushing spree before he got to the victim:

*I’ll never forget one morning I was going to work,
I think this was at my last job,
this random homeless pineapple walked up to me and hit me in the face with his jacket sleeve.
I was walking towards my train and he was walking towards me.
This fuckin’ bitch ass muthafucka hits me in the face while grinning.
As much as I wanted to go tf off,
he was probably insane and I needed to keep it moving.

this is why i’m goooooooood on the mta right now.
if i can’t get picked up,
or take an uber/lyft situation,
i’m in the crib until further notice.
ima need (eric) adams

…our new mayor,
to start cleaning up this bullshit we got going on in these forests.
when he said he is the “new mayor with swagger“,
i wanted to teleport his ass right on outta here.
it’s only been two weeks and he has already turned us off.

unless he got a direct link to batman,
this muthafucka is worried about the wrong things.
talmbout we need to get people back to work and keep kids in school during a damn plague.
don’t even get me started on the blatant ( x nepotism ).
he got bk lookin’ a little crazy right now.
there are way too many crazy jackals and hyenas running wild out here.
when i go decided to get back to taking the mta again,
it’s either back to the wall,
in the middle,
or stand on the stairs.

rip to the victim in this senseless crime.

lowkey: i knew crimes had gone into wtf mode when uws started getting shot tf up.

article cc: daily mail


  1. The sad part of this story was that lady he pushed, actually advocated to help the homeless and was from Sanfran. It would have been best if he actually killed himself!

    1. Wow… poor woman.

      I worry about this all time, that’s why I make sure to lean against something,

  2. Chicago has crazy people, we may not have people pushing people ON the train tracks, but we have people who are willingly pulling the red emergency stop cord and getting off a moving train to catch that bus.

    Here is where it gets crazy, I have seen a woman walk past 6 guys and then look at the 7th guy and get mad at him. What’s crazy is, the guy on the other side of number 7 offered her his seat but since her stop was too far she wanted to sit at a certain spot so she refused the offer and asked number 7 would he mind switching and the guy said I ain’t getting up for no damn man, you got me fucked up! Nobody said shit!

    1. It took a ghetto woman to say something. “Lady you walked past all them men and you asked him to switch with a guy who offered you a seat, who is you?”

      1. I would’ve been the ghetto lady

        Cuz ppl kill me wit their entitlement on public transit

  3. I think this is all around cause at certain time of night here on Chicago it is nothing but crazies on the train. Most as crazy as they may be know better than to walk up on people because they may run into someone crazier than them. I think part of the problem is Alot of the mental health funding has been cut in alot of states. Its left the mentally unwell to walk the streets. It’s a mess of a world.

    1. Man that Jackson underground tunnel connecting the Blue to Red trains. Everybody clutched a bag, put a mask on even when masks wasn’t required, and walked fast as you can hoping not to be the last one cause the homeless people down there, the stench alone was horrible. They had the nerve to put a camera on both ends but in the dead center those cameras couldn’t see nothing! That’s when people was getting robbed, raped, or just got flashed.

      People would leave their expensive devices on the train because they didn’t have time to put it up or want it taken from them or be the last one in that tunnel. When you hear that train coming, everybody ran! Elderly, disabled, and all!

  4. Every time shit happens Deblasio keeps saying crime is down and now this lady looses her life. This man should have a staring role in the twilight zone. Come on, these unstable people are ticking time bomb and worthless to everyone in society. Biden needs to implement barrier wall for train arrival to curb these type of attacks

  5. I keep my head on a swivel, always aware of my surroundings, always ready to react. Everyone is a potential threat. Won’t catch me slippin. I’m not paranoid just alert.

  6. Omg. NYC subways are getting out of control. They always have been but this and then the three men who were arrested for having sex and indecent exposure after a lady called those cops and one being a registered offender is making me nauseous.

  7. The entire pandemic they warned of New York returning to new Jack city they had people doing shootouts in the upper west side last spring

    But all the yuppies have returned to the city now the major thing is the lines being suspended bc of short staff

    I was on the train this morning a Dominican lady got on behind me and then the next stop she left the car because a man was pacing back and forth wearing head to toe camouflage .

    I just had somewhere to be and I left my headphones so something told he he would have a psychotic episode so I got off before it was too late

    Crazy people want an audience . And I’ve never liked people standing near me or behind me on the train platform. I’d rather be the last on the train than have a gang of people on my back u never know what be going through folk heads . I’ve noticed the mentally ill homeless are no longer being held in those hotels around the city they had them up in during the peak of covid so they’re relegated to the train stations to keep warm. And the police, of course, never stop them from the nut shit bc they’re too busy catching ppl evading a $2.75 fare

  8. You’re a better man than I because I would’ve been late to my mama’s funeral if that man had hit me w his damn sleeve because I would have beat the brakes off of him until the next train arrived!

    RIP to the victim. NYC is so busy trying to turn the city into a rich man’s playground, that they are ignoring everything BUT the development of more ‘luxury’ (in nyc, all basic ho amenities in any city, USA, like on-site/in apt laundry or dishwashers, are considered luxury) condo buildings that no one but wall st hedge fund ppl can afford. Meanwhile, the displacement/homelessness/mental health problem is just overlooked as ‘only in NY’.

    And I saw the writing on the wall w Adams from the beginning. He won because he is black and an ex cop, full stop. He is worried about keeping the city open because he is committed to ‘pleasing two masters’. He reeks of shady politician/megachurch pastor. Meanwhile, Andrew Yang was trying to give NYers a universal base income, but I digress…

    1. ^ they done put an opp up in there after the disaster that was deblasio.
      i saw his clean up crime chat and was hopeful.
      it wasn’t even a WEEK and that asshole was burning bridges with the public left and right.

      you got the nail on the head tho.
      the next few years is gonna be an interesting one.

      1. You are better than me, Jamari! I stand as far away from the edge of the platform as I possibly can. I will stand with my back against the columns, if I can. Too many horror stories about people being pushed onto the tracks and too many damn weirdos.

        I can only hope Adams does not have any skeletons in his closet. He already causing drama with the hiring of his brother and friend. Like why even put the microscope on yourself right out the gate?! The fact that he is a former cop only leads me to believe that he knows what to do the cover his bases. I can only hope I am wrong and he does a good job…but this one seems destined to fail.

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