God Help Me

absolutely frustrated.
i had to escape to the bathroom to talk to god real quick.
it went something like this…

“father god.
i am grateful for all your blessings you have provided.
i am thankful for everything you continue to do.
father god,
you know i went without for a full year.
i prayed for a good job.
a great job,
one that would help me get off my feet.
i get a job,
a good job,
a great job,
and every day i am being tested.
i do not understand why this chick at my job keeps coming at me like this?
i don’t know what i have done to her.
she keeps throwing shots.
making me look bad in front of the higher ups.
it is really frustrating.
i don’t know what else to do.
looking for a job right now is so tough.
besides her,
i really like my job.
i get to meet important people.
celebs when they come in.
i like everyone else.
i love my daily duties.
this girl i am now working with is making it really tough to appreciate it.
father god,
i give her to you.
i want you to handle her.
i can’t anymore.
i pray you allow her to see herself for who she is.
no weapon formed against me will prosper.

tumblr_m7c5zuJMia1r1std4o1_400i think i cursed a few times in the actual prayer,
but you get the drift.
silent unity prayer hotline will be on the phone soon.
i need to actually pray with someone.
i’ll speak about more bullshit that was my day to come…

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21 thoughts on “God Help Me”

  1. Father God,

    In the mighty name of Jesus I come before you today to thank you in advance for stirring up the gifts that you have given to my brother Jamari Fox. I pray his strength Father and I stand in the gap for him. He is weak right now and needs you right now. Not tomorrow, not in a minute, not in a few days but right now. Because you are a right now God, I give you glory, and honor and praise for that. Father, he is facing workplace bullying. He is being constantly harassed by someone who wants to see him suffer. God make his enemy Jamari’s footstool. Prepare a table before Jamari in the presence of Jamari’s enemy and let Jamari know that you are God. Let his burdens be easy and his mind clear.

    Father I bind up the spirit of wickedness and confusion that this woman is trying to bring in his life. Father I stand firm in your word that if you be for us who can be against us? God I stand in your word that no weapon formed against Jamari shall prosper. In Jesus name. God I now declare and decree that you put a full mantle of protection around Jamari. Angels on his left, right, front, back, and center. Above him. Let them walk with him and keep him safe. Hide him in YOUR presence oh God. In Jesus name. Father lift him up and prepare him. Fill him with your holy spirit. Let your spirit rest, rule, and abide with him. At every turn oh God, I declare that you are in the midst. Let the evil stay far from Jamari. Let his work shine and out shine all done to your Glory! Let those in positions of power and authority know that he is the real thing..Amen

    Father right now I declare that this too shall pass right now. Let all tricks of the enemy fall to the wayside. Let every arrow, every dagger set forth fail because you are Jamari’s protector. You are his provider. Just as you make way the birds of the air and the fish of the sea, God I declare that you continue to make a way for Jamari. Grant Jamari clarity of mind. Place him under your anointing father. Give him a new anointing everyday for he has cried out to you. God its time to stop the madness. God its time for you to show Jamari that you are his sword and shield. Because he is your child oh God, let him feel it and know it.

    In Jesus name Let us all say Amen

  2. Hey There!

    Long time lurker, seldom-time commenter. Imagine working with someone for three years, who constantly tried to throw you under the bus when they didn’t get their work done in a timely manner…

    Hello 😉

    Your situation will improve, as mines has. You have to be proactive about it, though. Write down EVERYTHING, get a witness, and bcc all email communications to either your supervisor or your witness. Tell Management you feel she is, “creating a hostile work environment”. Things should definitely improve in your favor after you say that. Is she the same race or skin color as you? You might be able to get help from either the EEOC or your local employment rights office.

    1. Jamari, I’ll pray for you and keep on praying. Keep your head up and keep your mind on the prize and on the plan. Mike says, “Tell Management you feel she is, “creating a hostile work environment”. That seems high risk to me. With those words you may be perceived as someone who might not be a “team player” or someone who may be “litigious” or “hostile” or otherwise. And you could be writing your own pink slip by saying that. Your employer’s ears will certainly prick up if those words are uttered! Remember, you can be terminated, generally, for no reason or a good reason but not for a bad reason. Be careful.

      Of course, I may be wrong so I invite Mike to give you and I and all of us his thoughts on what I have written.

      1. Our job market for the foreseeable future is a employer’s-market. No doubt. Although, image is EVERYTHING today. Employers are gunning after employees potty-mouthing them on social media. In my experience, employers will not hesitate to cut the bad apples that will sour their batch. Dean, you are correct that some managers will react negatively to those who mention employee rights laws or speak of the language regarding it. It all depends on the situation you’re facing. I decided to speak out, and I am doing better, but one size does not fit all.

    2. ^thank you so much mike.
      thanks for the advice.
      I will talk to my boss about the “hostile work environment”.
      she is making me loathe seeing her face every day.
      everyday I pray she take a day off.

      1. Oh you’re welcome! Trust me, I know what you’re going through, I’ve been there. Try to keep your conversations with her on a high and bye basis as much as possible. When she talks to you about work, try to have someone you trust within earshot distance, so if she tries to set you up, you will have backup.

  3. Doesn’t it make you wonder about the previous workers who they all claimed were ratchet. Me thinks she and her flunkies were pulling this shit on them as well. Only they either eventually got screwed because of her schemes or they went off on the bitch.

    I’m getting pissed off tho. She’s lucky I’m not God or her ass would be dangling from a banister… in a metaphorical way. Fucking up people’s work ethic and shit. I’d definitely try to get some connects so I could leave that job asap. They’re obviously not doing anything about the problem despite the fact that she keeps on keeping on. She’ll eventually slip up tho.

    I’ll pray for you too.

  4. Thats the problem with believers…always wanting a magical deity to do your dirty work. Stop bullshitting J and just run the bitch over with ur car. Or push her into oncoming traffic. problem solved. Amen.

  5. The devil comes to steal kill and destroy our faith and time with GOD
    but we know who wins in the end(stand sill and know he is GOD).

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