Brandon Jennings Hands Nic Young A Breath Mint?

BRANDONNICKYOUNGso nba baller wolves,
brandon jennings and nick young,
are pretty tight.
so you know as boys,
brandon looks out.
as he should.
so in the following video that the game uploading on “accident”,
it shows brandon handing nick a big ass tic tac

09c7d0b2…or was that an alleged molly?
well that’s what everyone is saying.
you be the judge tho.
looks like nick was “good” on the alleged tic tac.
┬ábrandon’s face on the other hand?
you see that stare down?
well that says…

giphy…does it not?

lowkey: does the nba drug test?
or since the nba season is over,
has every baller wolf gon’ ratch?

video found: theshaderoom
nick young: instagram
brandon jennings: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Brandon Jennings Hands Nic Young A Breath Mint?”

  1. Damn, even the pros have to deal with peer pressure. You’d think some people would grow out of pressuring others to do something they don’t want to do but I guess not. Like for real, a 20 something year old man acting like he is in Middle school.

  2. Shit, that look like a Molly to me lol. I believe it was.

    Y’all know Nick is a free-spirited dude right? A bad ass Fox probably could get that pipe with ease. I’d bang him.

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