Liar Liar (Thot On Fire)

tumblr_mowvxpiUmc1rtuzomo1_500you ever felt trapped?
like you wanted to do something,
react a certain way,
but you couldn’t?
you had to edit yourself and it pained you to do so.
it wasn’t the right place,
you were out numbered,
or both?
well this is how i feel this season of my life.
in a perfect world,
you would slap the fire out of someone.
there would be no repercussions.
well this isn’t a perfect world…

so i come to work and i’m not even settled yet,
when liar liar comes up to my desk.
she was being “nice” to me.
when a bitch is “nice”,
watch your back.
there is a sharp knife close by.
so she is talking to me about work stuff,
shit she already knows,
and then she starts goin in on everyone:

“i don’t know who our boss thinks she is.
you know i ignore her sometimes right?
i feel like she has gotten lazy.
she is giving me her work,
which is why i give you.
thats why everyone is complaining.

we got all this extra shit to do!”

“wow i never even noticed.”

“yeah and your old boss,
she do the same.
which is why you are here now.
you had to come here to help us.
now she sending me a ton of shit she wants done.
why is thing 2 even there?
sometimes i be looking at my computer with the stank face.”

Blankstarei tried to keep a poker face.
i had to ask myself if this bitch is insane?
bi polar?
it was so fuckin’ weird.
i made sure to keep the conversation to a minimum.
i felt she was trying to set me up.
she wanted me to start throwing stones so she could use it against me.
something wasn’t right.
i felt it.

so the day went on and i got a call from my old boss.
liar liar wasn’t at her desk because she had running around to do.
she and our boss had to meet with my old boss and thing 2.
an important project ended up not being done so a deadline wasn’t met.
i did not even know about this particular project.
liar liar was telling them how she had to tell me to do it and i didn’t.
my old boss called me to tell me what they discussed.
um what??????
clearly i would be the one to take the blame for HER FUCK UP.

“well jamari i’m going to send you this file to be done asap.
i want you to personally handle it.”

…like how does one just go and run my name,
along with everyone else,
through the dirt after smiling in my face this morning?
aight cool.
i got her.
so she came up to me to tell me what the meeting was about.
she left out the parts about what she said about me.
i had a question about a new procedure we have to implement.
after she went back to her desk,
i CC’d her,
my old boss,
thing 2,
and my new boss.
it was a confirm email of what we discussed.
thing 2 called me asap:

“you are getting it.
anytime she speaks to you about work,
DOCUMENT everything.
she has thrown you under the bus a few times in front of managers.
today she did it too.
she got you out here looking crazy.
watch your back with her.”

i listened to everyone’s advice in the comments,
but i had to ask myself if this is what i have to deal with now?
i have to constantly make sure i protect myself.
i didn’t have to this before and now shit has changed.
bad part is that she seems to be loved.
a majority of people talk shit about her,
but they seem to like her.
they listen to her.
they love her sob stories.
eat up her baby’s pictures.
coddle her when she has her “moments”.
will-annoyedi feel like if sides were to be chosen,
they would pick hers.
hence why i had to go pray.
this lesson is very challenging indeed.
i wish this bitch would leave this job.
that maybe a perfect world.

15 thoughts on “Liar Liar (Thot On Fire)

  1. Stand still and know I am GOD, if you fall because of one person than you will keep falling, every time trouble comes your way, now it might be work, tomorrow it might be your followers are leaving, STAND STILL AND KNOW HE IS GOD.

  2. All good advice! Yes create that word doc or google doc to write down everything times, dates, assignments given, comments made, and most importantly be very specific. Hell, use the voice recorder on your desktop when she comes to your desk. Save the file to a jump drive and label it. when she goes on one of her errands test it out. Do a check to make sure you can capture everything. Above all, stay in prayer and keep positive. Do the work with a smile and all good will come in your favor.

  3. Jamari, when she comes to you talking about the bosses like she did this morning, it’s time to let your old boss know. (I believe you were close to her). It’s obvious she’s out to get you. At this point, the reason doesn’t matter; she must be destroyed. Continue to document; continue to maintain your composure without giving her a clue; but, let your old boss know what she is doing. I know you are a dude; but, don’t think of it as being bitchy or snitching. It’s called self-preservation. We’re routing for you.

  4. Hi Jamari, i agree with Christian.I think you are doing great even though it doesn’t feel that way. My wife has experience the same type issues on multiple jobs, sometimes being let go, sometimes voluntarily leaving prematurely. Continue to dot I’s and cross T’s being the best you,that you can be in this position and don’t sweat what you can’t change “Serenity Prayer”. Start looking at this as an opportunity to sharpen your skills when working in a hostile environment because maybe you are being prepared for greater things. I know it’s hard to hear people giving all this advice about being positive but trust you will come through this victorious. Btw, I used my wife as an example because she came through and most of these prior incidents where preparing her for the next level. I personally thrive and sometimes enjoy these type of environments because i have a cynical attitude about people and i know most times we only grow through adversity. So let these ignorant mofos propel you to your next level.

  5. As difficult the situation is..don’t give her the power. She has power when she consumes so much of your thoughts and attitudes. You know what you are dealing but don’t let her control you. The only good is she is driving you to pray but what if you went to prayer first then let God handle her. Keep smiling

  6. 100% what Christian said but also, I would just give her a “wow” when she comes throwing other workers/bosses under the bus. She could turn around your “I never even noticed” and say that you cosigned her statement about the bosses being lazy. Just give her “ohs” and “wows.” Don’t give her any comment that you actually believe the shit she is spewing. She might try to say you were the one gossiping/slandering the higher ups. She’s gonna get caught up tho. It sounds like she is already. She’s putting all the blame on you to save her own ass, at some point the higher ups are gonna be like “Well you say it’s his fault but the evidence shows it your fault.” You can only give people so many chances. If they want them deadlines to be met, fire her ass. She’s obviously letting personal interfere with professional.

    Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. 😉

    Evidence doesn’t lie. She’s slipped up how many times? Just wait till her cattiness fucks up a super important deadline. Her ass will be mowed grass.

    1. ^i don’t understand why she has been there so long.
      our boss loves her so I don’t know.
      if she keeping trying to stab me,
      ima have to cut her quick and deep.
      im waiting patiently tho.
      she gonna fuck up and land in a nice hole.
      dug by me.

      1. Maybe she gave the boss a real good sob story. Maybe they’re afraid of letting a mom(with many (most likely false & made-up) cry baby suck a titty stories) go.

  7. That is not necessarily the case, Jamari. If they are COMPETENT management, they will realize that they have a fuck-up in their midst who is going to cost them a deal or something. If they’re REALLY competent, they will let her dig her own hole by listening to her try to bring down everyone else by emphasizing their errors while minimizing hers. A REAL boss would catch on to that and tell her to save the BS because her services are no longer required.
    As I keep telling you…if you have YOUR bases covered and they come at you with BS that you’re messing up, etc. Ask them to show you proof. They can’t go on hearsay. They have to have visible proof..otherwise your ass will be sitting back LOVELY with the payout from a lawsuit (or threatened lawsuit). That is why I say document all the BS and your work. HR hates when an employee can back up their talk.
    Stay strong man! Don’t let that triflin’ heifer get to you. Don’t let her get in your head!
    As long as you have your bases covered…you’ll be fine! Believe that!

  8. Damn man, she is a real problem. I do not like when people mess with my money. I know you are in a tough position, and all I can tell you is to hang in there and keep praying and to continue do your job. Ignore that hoe.

    1. ^im trying,
      but she is annoying as hell.
      i don’t know what I did to her.
      i came to this gig being friendly.
      i stay to myself.
      i don’t get it.

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