So Rihanna Made Everyone Else Look Like Men?


so rihanna won the “fashion icon award” at the CFDA awards last night in new yawk.
she decided to wear ^that.
when i say rihanna looked fuckin’…
i think looking at her was the only highlight of my day.
i had no words.
i know that i love how she gives no fucks about anything.
here is her speech:

…and what she had to say when asked about the dress?

tumblr_n6lx5gHKUl1r2zbdqo1_400 tumblr_n6lx5gHKUl1r2zbdqo2_400#anyquestions

lowkey: of course the copycats start:



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9 thoughts on “So Rihanna Made Everyone Else Look Like Men?”

  1. I like your main pic of her. It makes her body look elegant but them other pics… overrated. Everybody kept saying her body looked amazing but all I see is a bony ass back.

    If only she had this much attention on her music. If only she put that much effort in her music.

  2. I just find it funny how america this is a country that’s oversexed with everything yet we cringe when we see tits…in France or Europe this is normal…anyways i think she looks GREAT…people can call her a hoe, no talent having whore, harlot, jezebel, illuminati puppet…WHATEVER BUT at the end of the day RiRi throws the ish that ish oh, her fashion game is nice and fans and critics alike STILL tune in on the regular to give it two thumbs up…. i give it 4 stars!!!! SN: her body looks nice and those eyes are still captivating i can see why Chris brown lost his mind over this exotic beauty lol

    1. ^i think she looks dazzling and you are right.
      people were saying she was a “hoe” last night.
      I know hoes who wear jeans,
      and t shirts.
      people need to realize Rihanna doesn’t care.
      madonna has pushed the limit.
      jlo did it in that green dress.
      people i’m sure were talking shit.
      wasn’t lady gaga half naked as well?
      the USA likes to contradict ourselves when it comes to certain things.

      1. this is the best comment ever. but people are going to always have fuckin shit to say man

  3. My only problem is that Rihanna brings nothing to the table of substance. She’s done nothing that can’t be topped by someone younger, prettier, with just a tad bit more talent, and even less fucks to give.

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