f0xmail: I Have A “Work Wolf” Situation Too! Help!


Hey Jamari,

I need some advice I know this wolf that I’m cool with that’s straight. He calls me his best friend/bro and he is also a ex co-worker of mine. Long story short I wanna if this wolf is gay or bi curious,DL, ect. He knows I’m gay and has no problem with me and my sexuality. He told me how he likes transgender model Sydney Starr and what not. I told him that she was a he and he is not phased by it.

(I heard of straight men that would mess with transgender women as long as they don’t have male parts)

When we text I say stuff to test him to see if he going to say “no homo” or “ayo” “pause”… Anything that may indicate that he is uncomfortable with what I said and he doesn’t. He goes with the flow and at times he sends me various emojis that the average  male wouldn’t send to another male.

Now he has a son and baby mom(that doesn’t mean anything now a days). And recently his female coworkers went to gay bar and he went along. I had a crush on him for the longest time and I like the back and forth.

How can I find out is he trying to play for the other team or not?

Should I leave it alone ?


 well doesn’t this sound familiar.
take away a few things and i was gonna if you knew my wolf.

well as you know from my many entries,
i was also in the struggle.

tumblr_lyucw72qof1qk9i55“was” because i’m choosing to bow out gracefully.
i’ve pretty much done everything i could.
i’m going to keep it as “friends” and keep on establishing a foundation.
we are still good friends.
well i have faith that we still are.
it was me who got caught up in hoping i was “right”.
plus it didn’t help how work wolf acts towards me.
saying he treats me like his “girlfriend” and other ambiguous comments.
i could post 10,000 stories,
but if no one is there to see how we interact,
they will think i’m off my rocker.

blairsee the issue with these wolves is they are very comfortable with you.
with us.
they are straight and accept us for who we are.
very hard to come by these days.
we are all so use to foolish and homophobic wolves,
that when one comes along that goes against the grain,
there is a certain appeal there.
when they drop subtle hints and have you questioning things,
thats where it becomes tricky.

i say leave it alone.
you read right.
jamari fox is saying leave it alone.
now i’m not saying end your friendship.
i’m saying maybe he is playing games.
he may not be ready to even acknowledge “that side”.
he knows you are gay and if he is interested,
he will let you know.
it maybe time for you,
like myself,
to bow out gracefully and like my readers have urged:

let him cum to you

the key is still remaining a friend,
but also keeping a healthy distance.
once he sees your distance,
it may or may not cause him to react.
you don’t have time to wait for him to figure his life out.

anigif_enhanced-11469-1412210182-16if all else fails,
and you really want him,
you can admit your feelings to him and see what happens.

i hope you are able to get the wolf of your dreams.
be happy you have a straight friend who isn’t like these other assholes out here.
sex and relations can either make the foundation strong or make it fall to the ground.

i hope that helps.
keep me posted on any developments!

jamari fox

lowkey: i should be taking my own advice.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “f0xmail: I Have A “Work Wolf” Situation Too! Help!”

  1. is this becoming the new fox dilemma? I’m going thru the same thing but I’m not forcing anything. He has to come to me

  2. If a “curious” straight dude knows that you’re gay and chooses to around you, forcing the situation isn’t the smartest thing. I mean, he knows you’re gay so clearly if he was interested then best believe he would have already made a move on you. What is there to wait for? That’s how it usually works.

  3. As already stated don’t force anything , let that wolf do all of the work. The moment we foxes do anything it comes across as too much even though these straight but curious wolves are intrigued.

    Best of luck 😋

  4. The shortage of good quality gay and bi Wolves must be horrible man, Foxes are running in the arms of straight men. If a man wants you, he will have you. If a man says he is straight, leave it at that. Please do not read more into man. It does not matter if he likes Sidney Star, every straight man is not a homophobic. Example, I’m a fan of Laverne Cox. Would I date her? No. Just because I like or support someone does not mean they are my type.

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