RIP Bobbi Kristina

bobbi-kristina-brown-825x580bobbi kristina has passed away.
she was 22.
shame that this was her end.
its also eerie she died just like her mother.
very sad and i hope she rip.

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Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “RIP Bobbi Kristina”

  1. I knew this day would come but it’s so sad reading it and hearing it. I know she missed her mom so much and now they are together. May this young lady rest in peace.

  2. IMO Bobbi “died” February 11, 2012, the day Whitney died.She has simply be existing,not living, ever since.
    Rest in Peace.
    Condolences to Cissy Houston she had to bury her only daughter and now her granddaughter.

  3. This is truly the end of an era who would have thought that Whitney Houston and now her daughter would be gone so soon my heart bleeds for Cissy and I hope that she seeks the justice that Whitney and Bobbi deserves smdh! Tragic.

  4. Awful. That poor girl. RIP. Whitney’s voice was inspirational to me growing up, and has set the bar for what true talent is, and to see what has happened to her and now her daughter, it’s really just a nightmare. I wish their family peace and the strength to get through this tragedy. They’ve been through quite a lot with this, and hope they can get things settled soon with that Nick Gordan dude (im not sure if that’s his name)
    Also, I hope the truth comes out. They need the closure.

  5. Prayers go out to Ms. Cissy Houston and the rest of the Houston and Brown family. It’s truly sad that her life had to end this way, but she’s in peace.

  6. This will be my only comment on this tragedy, a pox on their houses. To whom much is given, much is expected. So much talent, what a Gift, and all for nothing! In the end its their business but the influence they have on young and upcoming people is nothing short of destructive. The 2 most important days of anyone’s life is their birthday and the next is realizing why they were born. If the end of her and her mother’s life is the reason why they were born, then I hope I will live to see the good as I have seen the bad and the ugly. Sad, sad end to an otherwise uplifting life. I hope the story now ends of Whitney and her sweet Bobbie Kristina. RIP sweet Whitney and BobbieKristina.

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