Bobbi Kristina’s Death Picture Rises

well as you know,
bobbi kristina was laid to rest over the weekend.
she was buried right next to her mother,
whitney houston.
bobbi kristina is worth a couple million now.
well her “death picture” that is.
one of her family members sold it to the national enquirer.
they published bobbi kristina’s final photo on the cover.
she was pretty much dead in her hospital bed.
you can stop here,
or continue below to see it…
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RIP Bobbi Kristina

bobbi-kristina-brown-825x580bobbi kristina has passed away.
she was 22.
shame that this was her end.
its also eerie she died just like her mother.
very sad and i hope she rip.

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Bobbi Kristina Found Unresponsive In Her Bathtub

assetso bobbi kristina was found unconscious in a bathtub.
bobbi kristina is the late whitney houston’s daughter…
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So Angela Bassett Is An Alleged Man?

screen-shot-2014-03-03-at-9-08-06-pm1well she is a good lookin man!
so bobbi kristina,
the late whitney houston’s daughter,
is not happy with auntie angela.
angela bassett that is.
bobbi went after her HARD BODY.
angela was quoted in a recent entertainment weekly interview:

EW: In uplifting her memory to the highest standard possible, did you ever think about casting her daughter Bobbi Kristina as Whitney herself?

Bassett: No, I did not think about that. I did not think about casting her. And probably for a number of reasons, you know. One being that she’s not an actress. I know she’s acted here and there. I know she’s been on their family’s reality show, but she’s not an actress and acting is a craft. It’s an attempt to illuminate the complexities of human behavior and life. And this is a very fast-paced schedule; we have just 21 days to tell this story. It’s more than just saying lines and turning the light on. You have to drive the story—there’s a technical aspect.

i mean is she lying?
well bobbi kristina went to twitter with a serious clap back…
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Whitney Houston Was Murdered

Hollywood is a scary place.
It is also a very dirty place.
You seriously are going into another dimension once you cross those ropes.
Trust me when I say you would look at some of these people differently once you get backstage.
I feel for people who try and chase for stardom.
You have to have METAL skin to go through Hollywood and not be affected.

That being said,
what do you think of this?

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