Bobbi Kristina’s Death Picture Rises

well as you know,
bobbi kristina was laid to rest over the weekend.
she was buried right next to her mother,
whitney houston.
bobbi kristina is worth a couple million now.
well her “death picture” that is.
one of her family members sold it to the national enquirer.
they published bobbi kristina’s final photo on the cover.
she was pretty much dead in her hospital bed.
you can stop here,
or continue below to see it…

how heartbreaking is that?
if you want to see more photos,
the issue hits stands today.
sadly this is a story and whoever sold the picture knew that.

lowkey: nicole brown simpson’s death pictures haunted me.
i would never want to see aaliyah.
i think i would throw up.

picture found: here

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Bobbi Kristina’s Death Picture Rises”

  1. Yesss OMG Nicole Brown Simpson haunted me as well……The fucking power of the Dollar I swear. Evil.

  2. Nicole Brown Simpson’s pics were gruesome. I couldn’t get them outta my head for awhile. I know a person who saw Aaliyah’s pics before her family had them taken off the net and just the description alone made me squeamish. I was tempted to look at Paul Walker’s but when I heard he was burned beyond recognition, I passed.

  3. Yea, it had to be a family member or someone close to the family. People get paid 100 and 200k for these kinds of pics. Money hungry people do shit like that.

  4. This is so unfortunate and to tell you the truth the young lady didn’t really stand a chance. Her environment wasn’t healthy. I read Cissy Houston’s book about Whitney and it’s sad that all three of her kids had a drug problem at some point.

    R.I.P Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina. I feel for Bobby Brown.

  5. From a couple of sources they said it’s the same person who took Whitneys last picture. This is so sad Whitneys brother Michael admitted he is the one who introduced her to drugs when she was really young. I heard that she was 19 don’t know if that is true though. It kind of says something when all 3 of your kids were into drugs.

  6. This is beyond ridiculous! I no words to accurately describe the feelings I feel right now but I can say I feel disgusted and these people should pay dearly for exploiting Bobbi Kristina and her mother its like goddamn!!! These people didn’t stand a chance I Bobby Brown sues the shit outta the national enquire.

  7. There are some things that shouldn’t have a price tag. I think this is one of them. On the flip side, I don’t think people should want to see that either. This world really needs to learn to have some modicum of respect and decency.

    This is tragic beyond words. Whitney is sorrily missed and now her daughter is gone young as well. This just goes to show you that your lifestyle and who you let in your life will catch up to you one day. I said that Bobbi was headed down the same road as her mum but was never hoping it would end that way. Hopefully this is a wakeup call to someone out there. YOU ARE WHAT YOU CHOOSE

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