F0xAsks: If He Tried To Get At You, Would You Date Him?

so he may not be the baller wolf you were expecting,
but he does have money.
an f-bi asked me if i thought this guy was cute,
but i was more caught up in how he has a… maybach.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ4Kwx2LbHs]

his name is lighter tod.
i guess he is a rapper, singer, or something.

he isn’t the typical baller wolf.
he has the money.
the style.
got some swagg.
i’m sure he got some supreme pipe in that little package.


Would you fuck with him?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “F0xAsks: If He Tried To Get At You, Would You Date Him?”

  1. He’s a Fox of course I would. Yea, I get that vibe that he would give up that ass. From that last pic, I can tell he got a lil fat one.

      1. Yea, but the difference is soulja boy is wack now, especially with all the tats. This guy looks more adventurous, I looked at his Instagram pics and came to that conclusion lol.

        S/N: I see the old lover is back on the side there, and with some different pics. I almost fell out of the chair when I scrolled down.

  2. No. I am so tired of these pseudo hipster ass men.

    Would it keep you to dress like an adult? To cover up a little? Damn.

  3. Oh…

    I was thinking kush, but that works too. Lol

    How about you take all your aggression out on me and I show you the anger management moves I’m learning? Lol

  4. @The Man: If I really wanted to go in, I could do both…really well. No help needed. You can watch or wait in the next room until your turn. Thanks though! Lol

  5. Oh hell nah. We could play with a double headed dildo or something. He def looks like an undercover power fox.

    1. Flatlined………Tajan has gone up a yonder to glory from laughing hysterically. Thanks for this laugh tonight. Damn that was cold 🙂

  6. He is defintely a Power Fox but I am trying to figure out a few things about his connections and financial stability. I see a lot of flexing for a young kid. Money by birth or by girth?

      1. If that is drug money then he will be living fast and dying young because someone is not going to like him showing off like that. Money by girth…he is giving it up

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