f0x Mail: Can You Get “Fucked” from Fucking?

Get ready for another installment of FOX MAIL!

And it is the first one for 2012 so this should be fun.
Here is the question:

Hey Jamari I just got put on to your blog this year and i gotta say you are a role model thank you for doing what you Do i feel like you can help me with a problem Ive been having.I’ve been with my bf for a year after a hook up the sex was banging but now after a year together the sex slowed down I love him still though but I’m hella horny when Im ready he’s not and vice versa  the problem is I’m a hybrid and he’s a fox he likes being dominated but when I can’t deliver I just eat him out hella proper and that’s it I get nothing.I tried to talk to him about how I the top isn’t getting satisfied but it turns into an argument and then this was after I moved in with him like I said I love him so much we have so much fun but I really want to fuck and sometimes I feel the need to sneak around but I feel so guilty just thinking about it

Do you have any advice?

Patient  wolf


I can just hear the audience on Maury now.

But seriously, this sounds juicy.
So The Head Fox to the rescue…
Hooks ups are tricky.
You can either get bad sex that will turn you off completely.
Okay sex that will make you question it and yourself.
Or, you can get some:


…that will have you coming back for more.
It should stay just Fuck Buddies to be honest,
but what happens when you both decided to fuck your way into a relationship?

This is where my little Wolf and Fox ended up.

To be completely honest,
I feel you both have out fucked each other and just holding on to the reminiscent of that:


…you had when you first met.
It is great to find someone who has great sexual chemistry as you both,
but you find that out after the build up.
Ya know, the dating and the teasing.
When he buys you your first expensive whatever…
The whole process of it all.
The thing is with the hook up, is that you want that hook up all the time.
That feeling you got when you both touched each other and sparks flew.
The relationship started out with sex and now that is slowing down,
you are trying to speed it up.

…And it doesn’t help that you have to eat him out only to end up with nothing.

No offense, but this relationship seems about over.
I say so because even though you both have fun outside of sex,
the reason you got into the relationship is not there anymore…
…or isn’t as responsive to your liking.

So here is what I want you to do.
I want you to make a PROS and CONS list of being with this Fox.
Do you see this going anywhere?
Is your connection just based on sex?
Do you want to be dominated also, since you are just a hybrid?
And most importantly, can I find a place to live once he says “BYE”?

And be honest with yourself and you will come up with your answer.

And before you cheat and be “that bastard who broke my heart“,
end it and take the L.

Hope this helps.
I’m sure my comment section will also help.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “f0x Mail: Can You Get “Fucked” from Fucking?”

  1. The sex slowed down for a reason. Perhaps the thrill is gone? The novelty has worn out. Why is he not concerned with you being pleased? What is the “so much fun” that you are referencing? Is it related to sex? It really does take more than sex to genuinely keep a man happy. How are the other aspects of your relationship? I have so many questions as there seems to be a disconnect here.

    If I can play devil’s advocate for a second: Are you sure that what you do to him is pleasing? I know that if I am not being pleased, I lose interest very quickly. You love him, but does he love you?

    Life is too short to be bothered with people who do not want to be bothered with us. Try talking to him again about the relationship in general. Don’t focus on the sex so much. He may not be as sexual as you and want to tone it down some. I don’t know if your name is on the lease, but if you do decide to leave, make sure that you have a placed line up, and then give him the notice. I wish you the best.

  2. Talk to him about the whole relationship; because if he’s being seflish in bed, he’s likely doing to same in other areas. Share what you’re feeling & what you would like to see — and give him a chance to do the same. Based on that, figure out if the relationship is salvalgeable. It doesn’t sound like it’s about mind-blowing sex, but just being considerate of the other person. Sure you may not wanna get piped, but you can give me some head; help me bust a nut or something…

    Since you moved in with him, though, be prepared to find your own place if it doesn’t work out. Good luck!

  3. Idk Jamari, I don’t agree with everything, I don’t think its all in the gutter. I feel it can be saved with finding a deeper connection than just the sex. Sex is nice but i don’t think that a wolf like the writer was impressed by that completely. I think it was some bomb ass sex that inspired it. I also think the fox had more to offer him at first and the wolf was tricked into thinking the fox wasn’t self centered, and that’s the issue. Honestly we need more wolf/hybrids like him, because he communicated that he isnt getting it sexually but the fox isnt trying to hear that so I say you try to find a deeper connection or like jamari said leave.

    1. ^but it seems like the Fox doesn’t want a deeper connection.
      Which is sad because the Wolf seems like he is trying and completely opened himself up to love.

  4. I’m no relationship expert but it sounds like your bored and need that spark back in your relationship. If you want it to work out then tall can find a way. If you can’t work it out take his name OFF the lease and move on. just remember what happend and for your next relation ship take things slow find out what they like. Then have that sex that makes you want to cook them breakfast in the morning

  5. It time to chalk up the deuces man. Go and find someone that will satisfy you on all levels.

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