Video Game 4-Play

As you know, a Fox loves him a nice hard… video game.


It could either be car racing or street fighting,
but after a long day of “what the fuck?“,
I like to kick off my shoes and relax with my right hand… and my left.

This game I just bought last week however, gets me so VEX…
and I am slowly becoming addicted to it…

This game is so serious.

Like a Wolf, this game pisses me the fuck off….
…and still makes me come back for more.
I am what you would call a newbie to this franchise.
But, I saw the trailer for MW3 and this had to be in my collection.

I love playing the multi player game and shooting people up.
Some days, I am on it with the kill streaks.
Others, I can’t aim the fuckin gun properly.
But best believe, I will have at least 1 kill before the round is over.

I really like the fact that even if you suck, you still get points which can unlock new guns.
Even though personally, I love the M4A1 assault rifle.

My only beef is the first person shooting.
I am the type of Fox who likes to see my man on the field ( wink wink ).
Kind of like another one of my favorite games which I Chris Brown’d a week upon getting it,
Batman: Arkham City.

Foxes, if you haven’t got into COD, then I suggest you do.
It is a great stress reliever and for those who like guns, this is the game for you.
Also this is great 4-play for you and your Wolf(ves).
Something about chasing him on the field and laying him down with bullets…
…really gets the cheeks feeling slippery.

So check it out, my sexy readers…
Oh and just remember…
the person who just sniped you from a building may just be me.

Sorry in advance for making you my bitch.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Video Game 4-Play”

  1. Is that your PS3 version of MW3, or is that a stock photo? I’m asking b/c as someone new to gaming, I’m not sure if I should go for the PS3 or the 360. I heard the 360 has better online stuff with XBox Live and Kinect is tight, but the PS3 has better exclusive games (Unchartered, God of War, Resistance), and has built-in Blu-Ray. What console would you recommend this Wolf drop $400 on?

    1. Personally my sexy Rashad,
      I would go with the Xbox360.
      Cleaner graphics, better games, and more of an online presence.
      PS3 games are WAY to expensive but they have some good exclusives.

      I’d say go with the Xbox360.
      It is a lot better.

      Just remember, in whatever system you choose, I will be making you my bitch.

  2. Jamari I didnt know you were a gamer??? But I just beat assassins creed revelations. In waiting on the remake of the gauntlet series if they make it or something that catches my eye atleast

    1. ^I’m going to have to check that out.
      Right now, I’m playing all the mini games on Arkham City.
      I’m building up my armor and all that so I can conquer New Game +.
      Shit is hard lol

  3. Do you know a lot fox/wolf relationship started from video games… like my favorite. “if you don’t get to this level you will have to………………………..”….(fill in the blanks)… takes me back to my naughty teenage years…

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