F0x Asks: Would U Let Your Wolf Do This?

SICILY, 1952…

uh… wrong programming…

Well picture this Foxes…

Your Wolf is in the middle of giving you some extra lovin.
He is slow strokin’, grindin’, and suckin’ on everythang….
You know, that GOOD pipe that you truly deserve.
As usual, you only prefer that good extra PROTECTED lovin.


Well, I want you to watch this video first:


So with that being said,
in the end of a hot session…

Would you do what that Wolf did to that Fox?

…and Wolves, I’d like to hear your input.

And for those who have done this,
were you nervous afterwards?
or, did you enjoy it?

Tell me something good.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “F0x Asks: Would U Let Your Wolf Do This?”

  1. I would never fuck a nigga raw, It’s not worth it. Can’t trust nobody these days. Protection is the best way to go.

  2. I’ve never gone the raw route before, but I was in a relationship for about a year in my early 20s, and towards the end, we did give each other head and swallow. But we knew each others history, and were monogamous, and got tested. But haven’t done anything without protection since. But fucking/getting fucked raw is only for my future hubby. Doing it with some basic nigga you meet on BGC or A4A is approaching Blanche Deveroe levels of hoe-dom.

  3. If I’m wearing a condom, it’s staying on the whole time. If I’m not – same thing. I wouldn’t take it off & then cum in you. Yeah, I’ve had raw sex…none in a long time, though. I think I might have taken the condom off once, cuz I was wearing him out…but I still pulled out to nut *shrug*

    I don’t care if we’re together for 15 years, I doubt I’ll EVER swallow someone else’s nut…ugh! *shudders*

      1. If I am being sucked, and the sucker wants to swallow, by all means, help yourself. Just know that there will be no reciprocation.

      2. Nah, idc really. I honestly don’t want you touching my dick after I cum…you’re liable to get punched in the face since I’m over-sensitive. That putting it back in your mouth (in porn)? Nawl, son. But like BBB you can do what you want, just don’t expect any reciprocation. And it’s very unlikely I’d wife anyone who swallowed on the 1st date…

      3. Sometimes I am sensitive afterward, sometimes I am not. I guess it depends on a number of factors. If I am not sensitive, you can continue to suck until you have cleaned me out.

        Only a sexual relationship can develop if someone swallows, or allows me to cum in their mouth, on the first date. Nothing else can come from that.

  4. I’ve always practiced safe since my teenage days of doing it raw with the neighborhood dudes. but since I’ve been on my own I have realizied a lot of theses slick/quick wolves will intentionally pull out or if the pipe slips out, they will pull that rubber off fast and quickly put it back into you. They may even find your weak spot and stimulate that spot so you wont even recognized that he slipped that rubber off. That’s why with these nameless online hookups you have to check to see once that pipes slips out, that its going back into you wrapped.

  5. BBB :
    Only a sexual relationship can develop if someone swallows, or allows me to cum in their mouth, on the first date. Nothing else can come from that.


    And I’m more sensitive if it’s through oral; for some reason, I can generally keep f*cking until I lose my hard-on…*shrug* lol

    1. It may have something to do with the amount of pressure being applied to the head. Don’t quote me on that, though.

  6. If you do anything of a sexual nature with me on our first encounter you’ve been eliminated.

    I think of it as a test of sorts. I come at you HARD from different angles and if you can dodge my advances and still keep me interested you pass.

    1. Do you mean that someone would be eliminated from a prospective dating or sexual relationship?

      If the head is good, (and swallowing is not required), I may ask to keep in touch, so that we can continue the sexual aspect only. But it has to be good.

      1. Most of time they are eliminated from both.

        Most of my gratification in sex come from the excitement of it being a new person. Just as lightning rarely strikes in the same place twice I rarely mess with the same person more than once.

      2. You just reminded me of someone who I thought would be a regular sex buddy. The chemistry and the sex were great, but he told me that he enjoyed the novelty of being with one person once. I was floored. To each his own.

  7. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^really Jay?
    So what if the person is great but they happen to just be freaky on the first date?
    It’s “bye bye see ya!” even still…?

    They would have to show me some quality that I can’t find somewhere else…and that’s hard to do on all fours.

    Or be extremely attractive.

  8. Hmm only one dude have I let cum in my mouth an I was the only dude he was wit I kno cause he lived wit me (he may have done things outside of the house but idk) an at 1st I was like yuck I ain’t doing dat but after I tried it kinda liked it but never did I swallow but I live sucking dick

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