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Do you agree with this?

I must be blind, stupid, or just not paying attention….
I can NEVER tell when someone is attracted to me.
Well, unless it is blatantly from someone I am NOT attracted too.
Like, the balding chubby Jewish 50 something who asked me how much I like to suck on things with these lips on mine.
Or, the couch hoppin’ weed head hoodrat who I nearly had to put in a head lock with those sticky fingers of his.
Usually people who are interested in me,
I always assume do NOT like me because they are very distant and shy around me.
(hmm same way I am around people I am attracted too. light bulb moment?)
In my head, I catch an attitude like, “how dare this muthafucka be this way!
But realistically, I need to say, “Awww let me make them comfortable.

I know.
This Fox here got that presence n shit.
So what about you?

Can you tell when someone likes you?

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19 thoughts on “f0x Asks… (14)”

  1. NO! It is not easy for me, either. Unless, of course, like you, it is the one who I am not attracted to that I always notice. I have always been told that I am a “hard read” and always seem distant, so maybe that is why???

    I really wish it were always a light-bulb moment for me, and maybe, just maybe, I would not be single now. People have told me that so-and-so was interested, but they could not get through to you. Huh? If the admirers could only be straight up with me…and stop beating around the bush. But I digress. I need to work on not being such a “hard read.”

      1. Great and no problem! Your blog has provided insight to things that I have always wondered about, but was too shy or nervous to go about asking.

  2. my problem is i was told im too in shape (WTF right). that people like me i just look like i can bench press them , prob could lol. and at my gym its the eye thing dudes look at each other but we dare not say whats up. i tell all my friends who try to hook me up to tell their friends to just talk to me and ill be coo. but i notice i do the same thing if i see a dude who catches my eye im so scared to talk to them and then my presance kinda scares them off. maybe i should lay off the weights, protein, and creatine….. NAH!!! let me do my 60 pushups now lol

  3. I have no idea when someone is interested in me. The only way I can tell is if you come out and tell me. I’ve been wrong so much(at least I think I’m wrong), I’m brushing every little sign off. LOL. I’m so good at hooking up other people, but I’m so bad at hooking myself up, it’s a shame.

    1. its the same situation here, i see dudes looking at me , and theyr eyes says so much about what they are feeling, and when u try to make a move they tell you that its not true of they cut the communication with you, like i met a guy 2 years ago, the fist time that i saw him was like , love in first sign, i started to study him before i step in to my flirt mission, and im telling , this guy is gay, and i know it, maybe he is afraid to admit it, cuz he is getting famous and a lot of people like him now, but his eyes used to tell me, “dave fuck the hell out of me ” i could read that in his eyes, okay so one day i decided to call him and tell him the true, that i like him, he laugh at me , yeah he did, and he said that he wasn’t gay, but he got all of the hot guys on his Facebook, he still talk to me and salute me when we see each other , but naaaaa, i just decided that if somebody stare at me, and if they don’t come and tell me that they like me , i will not proceed to flirt with them FUCK THEM ALL. AND THEY ARE SOOOO MANY HOT DUDES ON MY PHONE, ITS LIKE LEAVING IN A CANDY SHOP , BUT NON OF THEM ARE GAY, THTS WHAT THEY SAY,

      1. That’s why you have to take things slow bro. You can never be too sure because a lot of men have self issues when it comes to this whole gay thing. They’re in denial about who they are. You can’t take one sign and run with it, if you do, you will end up with egg on your face and thats just what happened to you. I have the midset that I will never be embarassed or laughed at just because I told a dude how I felt so I wait until I’m sure.

  4. I can tell when you think I’m cute. The gaze is different. It’s a lot of eye contact for an extended period of time. It’s a little more difficult to tell if you LIKE me or just want to be around me because u like my personality. It’s never really guys I’m interested in so I often brush it off. When it’s a really cute one I often place this blanket of ‘he wouldn’t be into me’ over him and don’t pay attention to any signs.

  5. I can usually tell when a guy likes me because they seek some personal information from me because I don’t give any really. I keep the convo professional like and related to a specific theme. (ie: the gym, food, their job, school, video games and stuff). I say to my friends all the time, my Jordan’s gets me all the dudes.. Lol

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