Even After It Is All Said and Done, I’d Still Let Him Beat.

Time waits for no man.

This is why I believe my cakes wait for no man either.
You think I am playing.
I can drop one Wolf and move onto the next with no issues if I feel I’m playing “The Waiting Game”.

I see my Foxy counterparts waiting for Wolves to realize they are “worth it”.
But, while you are waiting, he really isn’t.
Matter fact, he probably forget you even exist when a ripe juicy Foxtail is in his face.
In some strange cases, a nice fat vagina. 

So, is it best to have options?
Or, do we just hold out in hope that the one we think is “the one” finally recognizes we are “the one“? 

So, what are you waiting for?

I was laying on my couch yesterday and was doing some soul searching.
Well, I was being lazy as hell and decided to listen to the thoughts in my head.
I thought about some Wolves I use to know and had crushes on.
I wondered what they were up too?
If they found someone new?
And, are things working out?
And to the crushes that were “straight”,
are they more comfortable in their skins now?
Would they try to get at me a lot harder now?

All of us have met a Wolf, a Fox, or even a Hybrid that we didn’t get because of whatever reason.
It could have been because time was not on our side.
They moved away and lost contact.
Or, they were straight and played “Duck-Duck-I Like A Fox” on a nigga.
Either way, we catch the L and move on.

But, were we being saved by something?
Would they be the person we regretted even consider dating?
They say things happen for a reason.
I say, things happen because God was looking out for your ass.
He obviously saw something that you couldn’t see… yet.
But sometimes, I still do wonder.
I wonder what would have happened if I dated such and such.
Would I have been different than the rest?
Would I have bowed down and let him walk over me?
Or, would we live happily ever after?

The funny thing about life is we will probably never get those questions answered.
Or, we will but in different situation that may or may not be in our favor.
It made me wonder about the un-answered (un)-relationships in life.
What if?

But, if that person you were really feeling came back into your life,
have you moved on or…

Would you take it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Even After It Is All Said and Done, I’d Still Let Him Beat.”

  1. Depends in who it is if it’s my old high school/college crushes yea I moved on. But if Ray Edwards, Jimmy Grahm, Julius Peppers, or Cameron Wake want to spring in my life I’ll have no problem letting them in

  2. Yeah it really depends on who it is it. Certain ones I realize didn’t work out because they were never really right for me. Emotionally unavailable and whores around ATL. Some of them were not the comittment type. There are a few I do wonder what if? One in particular I think might have a made a good boyfriend. Slept with him a few times and enjoyed his company. We don’t talk anymore but I still think about him and wonder if he thinks about me. After getting all the skank out of his system in ATL, if he were to move up here and wanna give it a shot I think I would go for it.

  3. I’d probably want to reconnect – if he had lost touch completely.
    And see if he had changed, he’d have to change SOMEHOW, as you said there probably was a good reason for us not ending up together back whenever I was feeling him. You can never have too many friends, so if there wasn’t anything there and he was a nice guy, that would be good too. If he turned out to be some sort of douchebag, well, then I’d get over him quick 😛 And if he turned out to be grown and sexy, well, you know 😉

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