I Want It Bad and That Ain’t Good

tumblr_mtw14bELLp1riq4ozo1_500girls are lucky.
so its one of those nights.
i lit some white candles,
poured a glass of moscato,
and decided to cook me a lasagna.
i was hungry.
as i was cooking,
i played a mix of late night jazz on spotify.
i have all my windows are open.
a nice cool breeze is going through my apartment.
it set an atmosphere yall.
new yawk has a way of doing that.
i wrote that last entry and decided to sit by the window.
as I looked out,
many people were walking by.
my eyes landed on a couple playing around with each other….
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Look At This Email I Got Today (Uhhh… Yuck?)

tumblr_mia8kbq03X1r1frbho1_400aint this some bullllllllshit

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I Think You Should Cuff Your Emergency Dick In a Glass.

You love the way he goes down on you.

No other Wolf has been able to bring you to nut faster.
It was like he was made for sex and your body.
And, when he whips the penis out from the best bangin’ of your life, you are practically seeing stars.
He is your FUCK BUDDY and he deserves a lot more credit than we give him.

Although everyone only calls their Fuck Buddys over for the occasional romp in the sack,
can this travelling dick/ass show be turned into something long term?
Can you find love from something other than his penis/butt cheeks?
Or, should we just shut up and keep the dick in our mouth?

Can you find love in your Fuck Buddy?

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Even After It Is All Said and Done, I’d Still Let Him Beat.

Time waits for no man.

This is why I believe my cakes wait for no man either.
You think I am playing.
I can drop one Wolf and move onto the next with no issues if I feel I’m playing “The Waiting Game”.

I see my Foxy counterparts waiting for Wolves to realize they are “worth it”.
But, while you are waiting, he really isn’t.
Matter fact, he probably forget you even exist when a ripe juicy Foxtail is in his face.
In some strange cases, a nice fat vagina. 

So, is it best to have options?
Or, do we just hold out in hope that the one we think is “the one” finally recognizes we are “the one“? 

So, what are you waiting for?

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