I Refuse To Be Emotionally Fucked.

I just realized,
in my journey looking for Daddy,
I’m allergic to dating bullshit ass ni99as.

I have been single for a while
and I have observed the pitfalls of bottoms (and some tops) being in “nowhere” and
damn near abusive relationships.
It scared me from being in a relationship,
because at the time,
I had low self esteem and didn’t love who I was 110%.
I just knew if I got involved with someone
they were going to take advantage of me
and I would be left singing a Mary J Blige song.

Now that I realize I am sexy as hell
and a fucking catch + my self worth is higher than any diamond in Tiffanys.
I REFUSE to be in some bullshit ass situation that even to me makes no sense.
I deserve much better.

I see alot of people putting up with bs and I am left scratching my head.
What part of the game is this?
I know in our lifestyle that it is often times hard to find a decent man
But I am an optimist.
I know “Daddy” is out there and “Daddy” is also looking for me.
I am not going to waste my time dealing with a row boat with a hole in it
when I can wait for the cruise ship to take me to paradise.

Just too much.

Then people look down on me because I am single.
Fuck you.
I usually end up looking down on them because on my high horse
the person is usually dealing with some dusty ass ni99a with no kind of future goals.
Just putting up with his bullshit because he THINKS he cant find better.

I want to be able to snuggle up with him and the feeling is mutual.
I want to go on trips and see other places.
I want to experience passionate sexual heights that we both take each other too.
He can pay for me and I can pay for him next outing (if he wants to pay 110% – go ahead LOL)
He knows when to go home (and I actually miss him when I do not see him)
We fight like dogs but still can work out issues
I can trust him to not bring me back the package or any other STD
The dick is mine …. and fits like a glove in my booty.

It isn’t perfect but I know that we are 50/50 with each other and I am not giving my all to bullshit

That is the talk of a bottom who wants better.

For those who are dealing with a dum-dum dude,
why are you allowing yourself to be in that situation?
Where is the come up?
He broke, cheap, disgusted and he is mooching off your situation.
You sitting at home,
stressing and sad all the time,
where is your self worth?
Just cause you can get another nigga to fuck you,
I’m not impressed,
because it was just sex and you still left dealing with the dusty nigga.
So ultimately you got a wet ass and still got to go home to the dumb ass.
No come up.

I’m curious
because I can do BAD all by myself
and if I am going to be with someone,
I want to make sure we are both upgrading each other.
Why be with someone who you are only upgrading?

That sounds like a waste of your time.

My advice:

Figure out who you are first.
You obviously don’t.
Start to love who you are.
You obviously don’t.
When you do,
you’ll see you deserve much better like the rest of us.
You will see that the dude ain’t SHIT and needs to be out with next weeks trash.
Once he is out,
he will call and thats when you step on ignore.
He will try to play that sob story puppy dawg BS.
Charm those boxers off to get back in again.
Stupid niggas have “charm” down to a science.
It only takes an “ear” and a pair of insecure eyes to fall for it.

It’s okay.
He can seek therapy through your voice mail.
You can cry.
After you wipe the tears,
you can figure out your next move … and please let it NOT be going back to his ass.

You teach people how to treat you and if you start off catering to a man
that is when you start spoiling his ass to treat you like a emotional punching bag.
If you wondering WHY you keep attracting ain’t shit ni99as
then something about you is attracting them.

Get with it.

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