earl thomas wife had something for him and his hoes all right

i never found it appealing to lose my sanity when it came to a cheating wolf.
i’m the type that moves silently.
i find out you cheated on me,
and we live together,
your shit will be on the lawn by the time you get home.
no fighting or arguing.
nuna dat.

number and locks are changed; your shit is out my crib.
this is another reason i don’t want a wolf living with me either.
we can separate with no fuss or muss.
earl thomas,
who plays for football for the baltimore ravens,
learned his wife isn’t like me.
this is what she did when she found out he was cheating via “tmz sports“…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “earl thomas wife had something for him and his hoes all right”

    1. You’d be surprised. Apparently running trains on women has become as commonplace as Starbucks. As far as the brother is concerned, not surprised there either. I blame str8 porn. How many adult movies are out there of brothers/cousins tag teaming some poor girl? Don’t even get me started on the rampant incest fetish in gay porn. They really try to normalize that stuff. Plus, who else to keep your (cheating)secrets other than a family member?

  1. Stuff like this happens, bro. We’re trying to live the best life we possibly can, but sometimes it doesn’t go as planned.”

    Statement like this is what cause White people to shoot black people’s ass at will….Dumb, Stupid, comments like this…..Black people just like being the laughing stock of this country ….SMFH

  2. He stupid, she stupid!! Them professional athletes are notorious cheaters, why go through the headache and stress of fucking around with them! All this Corona going around and he fucking around, is that not stupid!

  3. so i read that they were smashing in different rooms.
    the brother wasn’t in the same bedroom as earl.
    they rented an air bnb to smash the side hoes.

  4. “Love will make you do some crazy things.” — Deborah Cox

    JF, you said:
    “1. She clearly doesn’t think.
    If she pulled the trigger and killed his ass,
    she could have gone to jail for life and he would have been fuckin’ some new hoe in her honor.”

    Um..how is he fucking a new hoe if he’s dead? Am I legit reading this wrong?

  5. When you can’t comment in the Foxhole about a story because you personally know some of the participants in this drama. Just a Hot Mess for real. This is like the 2nd NFL story on the Foxhole where I knew somebody directly involved, sadly the other story a few years back ended in a murder suicide, I am glad that this one turned out different.

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