ahmaud arbery and sean reed are the latest examples in what’s wrong with this country

both so handsome and gone too soon.
ya know,
you would think folks would be more emphatic during this murderous pandemic.
you’d think people would give a fuck about human life,
as the rona is showing how easy it can be taken away.
the last thing i’d ever be fonting about right now is black lives being lost.
ahmaud arbery and sean reed are the latest in senseless murders…

Arbery had gone for a run, as he was known to do. The former high school football speedster often jogged through the neighborhoods southwest of Brunswick, those who knew him say.
Yet on February 23, he was viewed as a threat, a thief. Someone in Satilla Shores called 911 to say “a black male running down the street” — Arbery — might be responsible for a rash of burglaries.

“Sean Reed was killed by Indianapolis PD. He was on Facebook Live and kept streaming after they shot him. You can hear officers mocking him as he lay dead: “Looks like it’s gonna be a closed casket, homie!” A detective then ends the stream while trying to hide his face.”

stories like this really drain me.
would they have killed sean in a chase like that if he was white?
or would they have been running around like idiots until someone got tired?
i lost it when ahmaud hit the ground after being shot.
bawled more like it.
it was like he was fighting for his life with what little energy he had left.

i asked myself while watching that horrific video:

Should he have laid on the ground when they pulled out those shot guns?

i don’t know anymore.
simply don’t know.
white hyenas just see us and shoot to kill.
i bet if that was a white girl or a damn dog,
they would have passed a damn bill with the quickness.
it’s all so sad and leaves me with a heavy heart.
it’s gonna be a bunch of protesting and everyone will move on to the next scandal.
our government doesn’t care about a pandemic,
let alone black lives,
so at this point

What can be done?

rip to both ahmaud and sean.

article quote for ahmaud: cnn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “ahmaud arbery and sean reed are the latest examples in what’s wrong with this country”

  1. YAWN..another 9 day story….

    the whites will continue as usual as if nothing happened, the Blacks will rant and do memes and the celebrities will post on their Instagram to look connected, Biden will say something then move on, so will some Democrats because its an election year……

    Al Sharpton will dedicate his entire show on it, Black talk shows will mention it, the ministers of black churches will holler and cry holy ghost and remind the congregation to leave their tithes and then suddenly its all forgotten and these 2 boys will be just statistics…………

    Yup that’s how African Americans defend the defenseless….SMH…y’all need a new Black Panther to kick some ass cause ain’t nothing gone change until Black people take up arms and start to fuck up the System and DEMAND that this fuckery MUST stop!!! BUT y’all too scared, y’all like pigeons

    1. I want to say you’re wrong. I really want to say you’re being too cynical…but…you’re right. SIGH. “Peaceful protest” aint gonna do shit. It’s time to take justice into our own hands.

  2. Malcom x would be 91 on the 19th lests start honoring his speeches period fuck the white man and his pink bitch let’s start doing what they doing to us we keep letting these pigs slide why we built America

  3. I think the answer is consequences. You have this senseless violence because these people know nothing will happen to them. I doubt these guys would killed ahmoud if they knew they would rot in jail.

    Ps. I am so tired of the rhetoric of blaming black people for being victimized. “If black people would just do this or just do that” this is so backwards. You wouldn’t ever say “if this girl didn’t drink then maybe she wouldn’t be raped.” We need to blame those that are responsible for these actions and hold their feet to the fire until Justice is done.

  4. Well Ahmaud’s killers have been arrested, now will they be convicted is another story.

    1. ^they need the death penalty.

      that was one of the cruelest deaths i’ve seen thus far.
      they shot him like he had a weapon and had went crazy.
      he was literally fighting for his life.
      those two need to rot in hell.

  5. sigh I’m tired, 2 young Black men gone in BLINKS! and both their murders on video…I was not ready, tho the real heartbreaker here is Ahmuad. That man was just going for a run and these pigs Took their personal hatreds out on him, I just read they were arrested (Father & Son) but you know now days that ain’t good for shit, Now Sean….I dnt know what that young man was thinking!!! HIS situation could have been avoided, why not just STOP! you cannot out-drive or out-run the police, they will never stop chase, now I AM NOT victim shaming, it’s just… I dnt understand how he didn’t know or FEEL in those moments that running on foot screaming “fuck you” to the cops telling you “STOP” would end in Chaos, his case is gonna be EXTREMELY hard to get any type of justice for sadly, so I’m just gonna stay Updated on Ahmuad’s case…

  6. These are too totally different stories with two totally different types of guys. It’s honestly disrespectful to put the jogger in the same category with the guy who was evading the police.

  7. Arbery killers were only arrested because Joe Biden made it public. They had no plans on arresting them because one of the killers is a retired Circuit Court Judge or something. Even after the video they had no plans on arresting them. Even if they get charged they are either pleading for less time and will be out early or won’t serve no time at all. Us… we get 20 years just for warning shots, missing, or knowing a person.

    Now if Internal Affairs don’t see that Reed murder was not justified in this. They definitely need to lose their police powers.

  8. Sean Reed shot at a BLACK cop… why do you talk about stuff you have so little clue about? You can literally watch the video of him and see that he has his gun… he says he’s not going to jail…. you can hear the gunshots…….. watch some of his other stuff. He just shoots his gun towards random houses….

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