does kevin hate aunt wendy? (i’m confuzzled)

happier times?
ya know,
i use to attract a lot of wolves that were in relationships.
one thing i’d see is how badly they treated the “main”.
i never wanted that for myself.
all that talk of “i want to leave”

Oh no pineapple.
You stay your ass right there.

…fuck you think this is?
the movies?
i couldn’t be aunt wendy.
ain’t no love to excuse this alleged shot


that’s allegedly kevin and the side,
sharina hudson.
unless wendy went to go refill the drinks
…she’s nowhere in that shot.
he must hate aunt wendy.
he’s being so ruthless.
charlamagne hasn’t adjusted the temperature while dragging her either.
this is what he had to say this morning on “the breakfast club”:

cousin charla is such a cancer.
you can see the whole crab within him.
he’s scorned tho.
we only drag that hard when hurt.

i hope in these meetings they tell her to leave “that jackal”.
i don’t know why she is so scared,
but she need to get “un-scared” in 2019.
it’s time to go.
she always telling folks leave their toxic ass relationships

lowkey: how would the “old wendy” talk to this “new wendy”…

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “does kevin hate aunt wendy? (i’m confuzzled)”

  1. It’s the money honey I mean wendy Cant walk to her chair she’s to butch not lady like at all she blows her knows on air flip her wig she belch like crazy now imagine her at home I’d be turned off to hes kinda sexy

  2. Usually i dont have alot of sympathy for the wealthy but for the love of god, wendy sweety leave this man. He got her fallin out everywhere. Its so embarassing. Wendy is probably scared to be alone and on top of that shes getting older.

  3. Wendy… Kevin… Sharina… Charlemagne… they all foul.

    Wendy needs to have a “i had a fight with my husband…I have 36 cents and a Mobil card” moment at the nearest Motel 6.

    I don’t know this chick Sharina but she the foulest of women to be fuckin with Kevin. I have seen it time and time again. what goes around… you know the rest. If he isn’t already beating her ass… ‘‘tis coming. He probably already has a another women in the wings.

    If Wendy don’t get the fuck out that relationship she is going to less like the letter P and more like an ampersand &.

  4. 1.) I’ve tried so hard to feel bad for Wendy, but I just can’t for all the bs she’s put others through her entire career this is nothing but karma doing her job!

    2.) Auntie Charla is the biggest hypocrite, given the allegations Jessica Reid has against him, He is the carbon Wendy clone but was smart to change his image once he saw the pc & me too movement steering ahead, I’m not the only who has noticed how lowkey homophobic he’s been lately on the show!

  5. Wendy, go out and get you some DICK!!! Even if you have to pay for it!! Kevin don’t want your ass, just your money!! I know some homeboys that will dick you down good for the right price!! Seriously, though you need to leave him, it might be painful for you, but sometimes you have to go through pain to be happy!!

  6. Poor Wendell. She’s been with this man for over 20 years and feels in debt to him. She thinks she can’t do better than Kevin and is now past that hump at 50+ where partners are limited (especially for women) so she’s just trying to settle. Even though Kevin is making no secret that he wants nothing to do with her and is only with her to reap the benefits. I wonder how her 18 year old son feels about all of this, I’m sure he sees it all.

    It reminds me of Mary J Blige stating that she was willing to share Kendu with his mistress because she felt in debt to him and didn’t think she can do better. Thankfully Mary found her way out and is looking better than ever. Wendy has all that mouth on other people’s relationships but is playing herself in front of the world as Kevin continues to embarrass her. Halle Berry would never.

    Oh and the tea about Kevin beating her is old news. Blac Chyna & Nene Leakes spilled it a few years ago. It’s an open secret just like Harvey Weinstein’s mess in Hollywood.

    Lennard needs to get off that soapbox and tread lightly because he is still on watch also.

      1. My sentiments exactly! That pic she took was a SELFIE! Not a pap picture. She is the glorified mistress is has slowly become the main girl. Her being this comfortable attests to that. Kev is through with Wendy. I hear that Wendy is 7 years older than him, maybe he wants some young meat and Wendy’s constant health scares remind him of her age *shrugs*

  7. Charla is telling the truth; he knows what she’s been through and is going through now. They were very close and she basically made his glo up possible. Why should he lie and front if he knows the real deal? Wasn’t Kevin on crack or crack-ish at one point back in the day? Yet Wendy is fronting like nothing is wrong in her marriage. I get the desire to present a pretty facade, but the mess with her man has been going on for too long, she was off the air for months, she clearly is not well, and that story she told on the air was half-baked at best. She’s at a sober house not just for the drugs, but I bet to get away from that husband. I hope her son is all right, though.

    Small note: Karma is a b****. The other day, at Diana Ross’s performance at the opening of the Times Square Edition, a messy, drunk drag queen poked Miss Ross in the vagina and then gave Ross the finger after Diana gently confronted her. On her show, Wendy make a big joke of it. I’m not sure about you, but most women I know, especially 70-year-old super stars like Diana Ross, do not want to be poked in their genitals. It’s not funny, and it’s assault. Yet Wendy make light of it and basically mocked Diana Ross. I thought then, Wendy is not well at all. It took only a few days for the truth to come out.

    1. Wendell has no respect for herself much less anybody else. Of course that bitch laughed instead making it a moment to show love to one of our greats. She deserves everything she gets, disgusting wench.

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