adrien broner gets canceled; andrew caldwell gets even more crazy

so boxing jackal,
adrien broner,
will shoot any gay who runs up on him.
he’s very upset with a very random andrew caldwell.
he’s a “jackal/non-fav” within the foxhole.
it started with adrien calling out andrew on his ig:

…which caused this response from andrew:

which caused adrien to blow tf on his ig in this rant…

i can’t find his file to cancel him.
i always thought he was a low-income floyd mayweather.
we have been here with andrew caldwell.
remember his accusations with retired baller wolf,
kordell stewart?
he ended up getting his ass sued.
in my honest opinion,
suffers from a mental illness.
i think he is crazier than cat shit and needs to be supervised.

i don’t know if adrien gets down,
because some will get down with LESS,
but how he handled that was absolutely disgusting.
he could have simply fonted:

“Someone get Andrew Caldwell out my DMS,

…and kept it all the way pushing.
it was light and brought attention to andrew’s nonsense.
all that rah rah gonna have his dumb ass cancelled.
does he even care?
he comes off ignorant and uncouth anyway.
no big loss.
i didn’t even know he was a still “a thing”,
but he won’t be missed in this neck of the woods.
bye adrien.
get some help andrew.

lowkey: adrien was acting kinda guilty in those videos.
i’d see him with a bad fox than an andrew.
one who would be suckin him into another dimension for a lifestyle.
again: he common tho.
andrew might just be his speed.

10 thoughts on “adrien broner gets canceled; andrew caldwell gets even more crazy

  1. Is this the same Adrien Broner who ran around the kitchen butt-ass naked with a bunch of men in the room like he had no fucks to give? Him? Man please….NEXT!!

  2. No lie I thought he was Andrew the first 1.5 seconds of this video. Yes you do have gay tendencies Pooh, why are you addressing it as if it was exposed online, sus? He is guilty and that’s that.

  3. Just out of curiosity, does Miss Caldwell work? He is always popping off at the mouth on social media so I’m inclined to believe that this gets through to employers who he’s supposedly working (or applying to work) under. Surely nobody wants this type of mess representing them?

    Adrian is trash btw. The fact that he kept mentioning Andrew being gay says a lot.

    Also, did you hear about that Young MA and Kodak Black situation? It was trending a few days ago. The amount of entitled straight men who cosign sexual harassment is crazy.

  4. Lol the Way Kordell was tootin and bootin in the video a couple years back makes me think the Andrew tea is true. It might not be with him but it might be with someone he knows.

  5. Adrien been cancelled for years 🙄 baby he is the Epitome of a “young dumb nigga” … he use to burn $100 dollar bills on social media just cause “he could” and video record himself having raw sex with strippers, this man done takin one too many shots to the head…..but sadly I think he was a fool even before then

  6. Broner isn’t famous anyway he need to quit losing fights and focus I mean in the pic above he got on more pink than cardi b rocks he nerdy nice body but ugly in hell I’m like bye felicia

  7. If Miss Caldwell don’t get her work release ass back back to the psych ward and take them pills…

    Someone needs to gather her messy ass proper.

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