a white husband still hasn’t changed karamo and his blackness

i’m all for black folks dating out.
don’t miss your bag waiting for the “black love” fantasy.
it may never happen.
some of these black males out here can be a real trip.
karamo from “queer eye” is married to a white male.
he has two black cubs as well.

of course,
he has faced a ton of criticism because of this.
he addressed it in an interview with “hip hollywood“…

so this is my opinion on this.
it’s one thing to date out,
but still have love for your own.
they won’t turn down someone black that wanted to talk to you.
those types i can deal with.
the others tho…

they have been infected with that “self hater” disease.
it seems to be contagious and spreading.
they won’t fuck with you unless you’re white.
not for nothing,
but some of those can be real “pro-black” too.

as i’ve said before,
i’d date a white (or latino) wolf that wanted to talk to me.
i gotta be attracted to them heavy tho.
i’m not really attracted to asians or indians so there is that.
this isn’t to font they won’t play your tail like black males.
“fuck boi” runs rampant in other races too.
i’m just not gonna sit around waiting for “black love” to happen.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

40 thoughts on “a white husband still hasn’t changed karamo and his blackness”

  1. People have the right to date whoever they want, and people have to get over it. As long as they are not self hating as you said, there is no issue. As for me, I have no interest to date outside of my race, but I am attracted to men of other races.

  2. It matters more with Straight couples. Cannot stand Black women who date out and then talk bad about Black men. Then their kids talk bad about Black people and they think having lighter children is helping. They’re erasing their Blackness and all they worked for will go to children who eventually look White. I saw some YouTube video titled: “How I taught my White husband about White Privilege”.

    Really? And that’s why you date your own. You teach him how to love you…not how to be a self-aware human being smh

    As far as being gay, there is something about where a man from another race feels like he has to do more to impress you. I’ve been pursued, but never entertained it as you don’t understand being Black. Whereas with people from your own race, they can take you for granted. I’d rather stay single than date someone who isn’t Black. The ones who call it “racist” always turn out to be those who fetishize us anyway.

      1. He came across as fake when he was on the Real World. He was the gay “thug” which was a big thing back then (go figure). He tried to come across as hard, but that bitchiness soon showed its face when he got into the argument with his “boyfriend” who was in the military at the time he appeared on the show. LOL

          1. Oh YES IT WAS!!! Him and Daniel the Greek guy from Seattle were my to crushes from “The Real World”

  3. I say date who you want to date.If you find the person attractive,have similar interests,values,etc. go for it.Karamo has been with his fiance about 9 or 10 years,he has helped him raise his sons,etc.

    Off topic Karamo has a book out and he talks about he grew up watching his dad beat his mom.And Karamo used to hit his boyfriends.He said because they were both men he never looked at it as domestic violence.He said even when the cops were called he was never arrested because the cops just thought of as two guys fighting.This was before his current relationship.Hopefully know more people including cops understand that it’s still domestic violence.

    I know this was off topic but he is the first person I can recall publicly admitting that they were physically abusive to multiple partners unprompted.

    1. Off topic yet still relevant. I think domestic violence is a major unspoken issue in the community. Dudes seem to think “boys will be boys” and forget to keep their hands to themselves. Just because it’s two men involved doesn’t make it any less wrong. I know a guy who got into a full blown fight (bloodshed etc) with his now ex. The cops were called and the ex ended up charging him with assault. When I told the guy he was wrong for the altercation it went right over his head. He like many gays think we just guys fighting smh. Abuse is abuse period.

  4. I use to have the attitude that I was only going to date/marry a black man because I’m doing it for the culture. But, now that I’m at a certain age I can’t wait for black love. I come from a multiracial family and I love black men the most. But, if a white man was to step to me correctly and my heart is pierced, I will probably fall in love with him now.

  5. No shade, I’m not that into Karamo but he couldn’t find a white guy who is as good looking as he is?
    I’ve always felt that many black people who date out tend to lower their standards for non-blacks but will expect every black person to be the baddest bitch before they give them the time of day.

    I’ve seen some gorgeous black men (heterosexual & homosexual) and then saw their non-black S/O and would think to myself “how the fuck did THEY get you?”
    I would always assume that the non-black person compensated in some way by having money or something because it’s either that or the black people that date them must be that insecure. Those same negroes wouldn’t be caught dead with an “average” faced black person but will happy entertain another person just because they happen to be of a different race.

    There’s this very handsome black fitness dude from LA on IG with thousands of followers and his girlfriend looks italian-ish and he is WAY out of her league. I won’t drop names because I don’t want to put him on blast but if y’all know then y’all know. This guy has a nice sculpted body, brown complected, hazel eyes, chiseled features, nice smile/teeth and then his girlfriend lol… She is one of those curvy/fitness chicks. Her body is cool but that face? Let me just stop

    1. ^i think we discussed that anon fitness wolf with the “way off” vixen he is dating.
      she def knows her angles.
      she might have stayed down for him when everyone thought he was corny af.


      1. Yes he has been posted on here a couple months ago. I got it wrong, his location on his Instagram states that he lives in Las Vegas. However he used to reside in LA. He has less than 50k followers… Those are some clues for some of y’all lol

        1. Man I got it wrong too, the dude I was talking about actually lives in San Diego and not LA and he was featured here a couple of years ago, that is who I am talking about, I did get LA and San Diego confused but the scenario sounded just like this dude I am talking about and this dude is very popular with lots of followers, but it looks like they are all interchangeable and have the same type of girlfriends. LoL.

    2. Now you got me all curious about who you’re talking about. lol. But this is so true. I’ve yet to see an interracial couple where the white or non black person was equally as attractive as their black partner

    3. Bro, if you have followed this dude for any length of time, you can tell that he has been going through something emotional for a while now. it seems like this new girlfriend came from nowhere but who knows maybe they had a long courtship before he introduced her to his followers but something about the whole thing seems really off, almost if he is trying too hard to convince us of something. I have always got a certain vibe from him but being I am going by my own feelings of what parts of his life that he chooses to show I may be way off base so I will keep that to myself.

      OAN I follow a lot of these fitness dudes as I am into fitness myself and I think that many have partners of other races who are not that attractive due to them wanting to shine and be the star and also these women of other races will support them by buying their supplements, cooking for them and supporting them not working full time jobs but spending most of their time training in the gym. Many Sisters are not down for that not working Shit Lol and also many Black women are not impressed by good looking dudes with muscles thinking that they are more trouble than they are worth.

      1. Exactly! They’ll literally carry them while they focus on competing or being fake trainers.

        One guy made a post gushing about his homely looking white girlfriend and said verbatim “she takes care of me like my mom did.” That said it all.

  6. When it come to dating WHITE men, SOME of them act as if it a step up. Their world is able to get brighter being with white man…

  7. I’ve been a fan of Karamo since the Real World. Even back then he revealed that he caught hell from his father when he was growing up. I have always believed that people should be with those who love them, especially in intimate relationships. I also have come to see how many successful Black people, and other people of color, choose white partners as they succeed and glo up. Whiteness confers social status and legitimacy, and often those White partners do bring resources and emotional support to the relationship. Whether we like it or not, Whiteness is usually centered and valorized ini this society. White partners also help when it comes to dealing with other White gays, whose racism, sexism and classism isn’t a surprise to anyone reading this blog. I have often wondered why more Black gay men in diverse cities like NYC and LA don’t ever seem to end up with other men of color (non-white Latinxs, Asian Ams, Native guys, mixed race dudes) if they aren’t with other Black men, but then I just look at the way power and desire still work and get why that white person is on the arm. That’s why happy Black-Black or Black-Brown couples always get a little extra dap from me. At any rate, I hope Karamo and his husband are happy, and wish him the best.

  8. I am pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete to Karamo’s B.S. I would have more respect if he would admit that he is Hollywood now and as a media personality it is almost a rule that you have to have a partner of a different race whether Gay or Str8 to get to that next level. At the end of the day, these vapid narcissistic Celebs are all about their careers. I think that the real deal is that he is not going to date another attractive Brother on his level because he does not want him to steal his shine. I always have to wonder looking from the other side, did all these white partners who all these Black dudes always happen to find that love them so, did these same white partners have previous Black partners before them? And if they did, where they everyday Black dudes who worked at a regular 9-5. I bet my bottom dollar that the answer is NO! It is always a white savior just around the corner for these out Black dudes in the spotlight who come to shower them with the love they could never get from someone who looks like them. Kudos for all the work you do for the Black community.

  9. I love Black…I love anything with Black in it. Blatino, Blasian, Afro Brazilians, etc.

    I personally am not attracted to traditional European features. White guys do nothing for me to be honest with a few exceptions who are fine. I like Black Men and Black Women all day every day.

    Now you have people who do what they want, then you have the Universe who goes off of vibrational energy and then you have the Bible which forbids dating too far from your own. Which do I believe?

    Humanities Disney way of thinking? The Laws of Attraction? Or Holy Doctrine?

    1. I concur.. Black or at least mixed with Black works for me. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Black men are extremely attractive to me so I’m glad that I don’t have that complex where I can’t see myself dating one.

      When you have men like Anthony Joshua, Tyson Beckford, LL Cool J, Broderick Hunter, Michael B Jordan, Boris Kodjoe (mixed but very black passing) Cam Newton, Odell Beckham etc. I can’t imagine how it feels NOT to be attracted to Black men. But hey that’s just me

  10. I don’t trust these “woke black gays” who claim to speak on behalf of black people while simultaneously denying those same black people access to their intimate spaces. Gurl bye! 🙄

  11. Personally I have more respect for black celebs with white partners who actively work to educate,inform,uplift the black community than black celebs with black partners who don’t do shit for the black community.Who don’t use their platform,their influence,etc.

    Karamo has been working as an activist for years doing HIV education through The Black AIDS Institute alongside Phill Wilson.He has worked as a mentor for young black men.He has worked on projects related to mental health,black fathers,etc.When he was on HLN he used to talk about racial profiling,police brutality,BLM.All while being in a relationship with Ian.
    There are black actors,ballers,celebs,etc married to blacks who don’t do anything but cash their paychecks.To afraid to even discuss social issues because it may affect their bank.Black celebs who post All Lives Matter BS on their page.
    Karamo is unapologetically black and I respect that.He talks about being a black father not just a father.He talks about being a black gay man not just a gay man all the time.

    Personally I care more about WHAT you do than WHO you do.Black,White,Male,Female #loveislove

      1. I like men from all races and whoever I fall for and who falls for me is who I will be with. I love black men and want a black king to be my happily ever after but black men come with so many hang ups and insecurities that I’m not hung up on only being with them. I want somebody who isn’t caught up on heteronormativity and just wants to love me and create our own thing. A man who doesn’t have the butt hurt feelings from the church throwing them away or cares more about what their family thinks then what their heart says. I want someone who I can grow and heal with and wants more out of life. Anybody fitting that bill and can offer me more than I can imagine then that’s who I’ll be with. I don’t care what race he is.

        The black experience is one that doesn’t have to be so frigid. We wouldn’t have any rights that we have now if white people didn’t assist. I think black people forget that. If nobody white felt that we were mistreated then we would still be slaves. Remember white people made the laws and white people ran shit. If a white person has the capacity to understand me then I can have the capacity to love him and our differences doesn’t have to keep us apart. Love is powerful and can break down walls. I’m here to let love lead me to happiness.

  12. *sigh* I’ma just go ahead and say it…

    How “woke/pro-black” (I hate these term btw) can one truly be when you go to bed every night next to and give sexual access to someone who benefits by default (the color of their skin) from a society that has (and still is) historically oppressed those like you?

    The amount of cognitive dissonance and psychological gymnastics one must undertake to see this person as “an individual” completely disconnected from and uninfluenced by the racist society they live in is…zeesh!

    No, I’m not “hating.” I’m merely acknowledging the dynamics of interracial relationships in a society as viscerally racist and anti-black as America.

  13. Totally disagree with Karomo…Black in America is not the same as anywhere in this world. You are who you love. And Blacks married to whites ARE treated differently .

  14. They are and they know it. They are like that High School girl who is only popular because sheshangs outowith the other popular girls.

    I bet you some of them talk down on other Blacks too to fit in with their white cast members.

    White Ensemble Cast Members love to take in a rogue Black person because it fuels their White Saviour fantasies.

    White Castle Member: I brought this Black person in from nothing and I made them into something through my white power (privilege).

    Not all white folks are bad and not all black folks are good or smart (Black Trump voters) but you get what I’m saying.

    This is probably before most of the Foxholers time, (well hell, it was before mine too)…Even watch that old film called Mandingo (not the pornstar, nasty) ?

  15. Pineapples are the same whether they are gay or straight. Their standards are sky high for blacks, but low to the floor for whites.

    Just like their straight counterparts, you’d be pressed to find an attractive gay black men with an equally attractive nonblack partner. They’ll prop up some George Costanza lookalike as some prize because he has status, money, and can get them where they want to go. The extremely attractive nonblacks have no desire to date blacks because they’re highly coveted within their race or ethnicity, so that leaves the blacks that date outside their race with the unattractive or loose ones no one takes seriously.

    1. “The extremely attractive nonblacks have no desire to date blacks because they’re highly coveted within their race or ethnicity”

      HARSH REALITY! This goes for all POC also. When they think they’re too good for their own because they’re viewed as extremely desirable within their community so for them the next step up is whiteness. Because no matter how attractive you may be perceived within your own, the white community will always remind you that no matter how cute you are as a POC, they generally still uphold that Eurocentric solidarity (thanks to centuries of white supremacy and imperialism) that always holds whiteness to a pedestal.

      With that being said, I don’t expect Karamo to date an Odell Beckham or Will Smith type, however I’d like to think that he could do better when it comes to the white men he dates. Especially because he is a relatively handsome man, with a nice physique and is admittedly hung and he is way out of this dude’s league. But as you said its because his significant other has money or status which I 100% agree with. Dating comes as a package for people in the industry. Normally you will need to have something outside of your looks if you want to compete

      Maybe the better looking whites in his social circle chose white men over him? Who knows. Also in my imagination at least, had he dated a better looking white guy then it would probably be a broke queen looking for a comeup so I guess he wanted to date within his social circles

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