jess hilarious wants to give us an apology with salty tears inside

social media has made it easy for un-cultured idiots to have a seat at the table.
we let anyone with a cute photoshopped pic get to the throne.
back in the day,
they had to work hard for their keep.
the beauty was we only saw them during events,
radio interviews,
or whatever else allowed them to be seen and vanish again.
we can see them doing dumb shit and be on the entire ig live with it.
jess hilarious isn’t dropping the “f” bomb this time,
but she’s in hot water yet again.

this time,
she offended the muslim community when she did this video:

i’ll use this again:

she has taken to her ig for a tearful apology

imagine working hard,
only to fuck it up putting your entire paw in your mouth.

can’t relate.
it’s one thing to be opinionated and it’s another to be offensive.
that one up here ^there needs to really work on her low income mentality.

it’s time to put your phone in your laundry basket and step away for a while.
give yourself,
and us,
a breather.
you can wear on the nerves pretty quick.
it’s not even two months you were in trouble calling someone a “f*ggot”.
( x see that here )
i think you need about 3 good months before you pick the phone back up.
during that time,
you’ll be sittin’ your ass down,
while trying to remember the days you were poor and irrelevant.
the way you’re going,
your ass just might be going back there permanently.

lowkey: if that was the jewish community,
she would be all the way cancelled.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “jess hilarious wants to give us an apology with salty tears inside”

  1. I don’t care for Jess Hilarious, I find her ignorant and ghetto as fuck. She just has a toxic energy and you can feel it through your phone when you watch her videos.

    1. @Lyfe I felt the same way when I’ve watched her. She has a very sour spirit. The type of person my Granny would have told me to avoid in high school. I hope she’s saved up some $….

  2. Fuck this bitch… she is not even funny. Lyfe hit the nail on the head… she is fucking toxic like many of the social media celebs… no real talent but has a following.

  3. The ignorance of some Black Americans is truly sickening. There are plenty of Black Muslims who love being Black and respect other Black people. I do not know the skintone of these men, but as a public figure, there are some things that you keep to yourself. You do not need to post everything that comes to mind. Seeing as she was not held up with a gun or in any remote sense of danger, this was solely for attention.

    Who is to say the men weren’t harassed because of someone with her same ignorant views and the flight was called off? White people get nervous when more than 1 Black person is in an area.

    I am not calling for solidarity of every marginalized group. I am saying you need to keep your ignorance to yourself. And the worst part? I AM HEARING THAT THEY WERE NOT MUSLIM. They were SIKHS. If you don’t want to be assumed to look like every other Black person, don’t assume everyone with a turban or head covering is Muslim.

  4. This is the same BIRD who casually uses gay slurs to “roast” people. Why are we surprised of her ignorance? She is a dog ass bitch. She is finally getting her comeuppance.

    1. ^its okay.
      you could have asked me directly without the quotes.

      i just heard about the story of her using the f bomb.
      i like it in the actual entry for your review.

      1. @Jamari

        Thanks but that wasn’t my question. I asked if the story about Jess calling someone a FAGGOT was ever reported on “this blog?”

        Judging from your response I’ll assume that’s a solid NO.

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