aunt wendy had a secret hot topic to share (about her)

as you probably know,
aunt wendy has been going through it.
these last couple of years for her as been a situation.
she won’t share her struggles with “that jackal” she’s married to,
but she has shared her past struggles with drugs.
i guess somethings are easier to admit?
it seems like aunt wendy had a confession on her show today.
this is what she’s been keeping from the public

Wendy Williams revealed on her TV show today that she’s been living in a sober house as part of her struggle against addiction.

The 54-year-old TV personality and former radio host made the tearful announcement on her daytime syndicated talk show, “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Williams said the only other people who knew that she was staying at a sober house were her husband and son.

Williams said that every day after filming her show in New York City she goes to various meetings with other individuals struggling with addiction around the tri-state area. She said she is then driven to the sober home by her 24-hour sober coach.

Williams did not detail the nature of her addiction.

ya know,
i won’t knock her for speaking her truth.
that was very brave to admit,
especially since she stays so “mum” about “that jackal”.
i guess she wanted to get a handle on this story before the media did.
smart pr movement.

and i kinda hate to font it,
but it seems like wendy is getting her karma.
she was a whole she-jackal in her past radio days.
she is an icon,
but no one was safe with her outings.
she was literally disrespecting guests right in front of her.
God forbid they were gay and trying to keep it on the low.

it made for ratings and her rise,
but in 2019,
she is being severely humbled.
i like to think we pay our debts for our past behavior in the future.
let’s hope she sticks with this sober coach and gets it together.

article cc: nbc news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “aunt wendy had a secret hot topic to share (about her)”

      1. I’m glad yall saw right through her bullshit. I grew up in NYC listening to her on the radio so I know just how evil she can be. This is karma so I give nary a fuck about Wendy.

  1. While the sober house’s lights are out at 10pm her hubby Kevin is out living his best life with his mistress and soon to be baby

  2. Sorry… nope, don’t feel sorry for her… I hope the public keeps their foot on her conniving neck… she can dish it out but she can’t take it. Remember when she went in on Whitney about her alleged drug use at the time?

    Roland Martin had to gather her ass when she went thought she was being cute saying things about the NAACP and HBCUs ““If you actually bothered to read a book and not gossip magazines, you might know these things,” Martin said on his TVOne news program. “Wendy let me help you out. When you’re on TV and have no idea what you’re talking about, shut the hell up. Don’t open your mouth. Don’t embarrass yourself. Because you sound silly.”

    She is good at what she does… which is feed America mind crap by the truckload.

    1. Read that flat ass bird brain bitch. I used to love me some Wendy and I lived for her on the radio but that’s because I love me a good roast and gag session. As I get older and different things become more important to me, I have to evaluate the shit that I watch and entertain. Wendy is problematic af needs to be canceled from tv. Roland had to get her uninformed ass together because she stay talking out her ass about black culture. I understand if you think you are removed from us but bitch don’t do us a disservice and spout lies and make up shit about us. She sits in that chair saying the most ignorant things and mostly gives fake news. She tells black women that they should give up their dreams and marry a count. She drags legendary black entertainers through the mud without an ounce of respect. She is disgusting and vile to me now and I refuse to support her big foot looking ass anymore. Also I don’t think she is a true gay supporter but someone who uses gays for her own selfish needs. She’s the type that loves you as long as you’re the assistant but will talk shit about you and to you if you dare be anything else. Fuck Wendell Bartholomew Rufus Cleophus and her karma catching up to her dumb ass.

  3. The Daily Mail says she injured her arm during a confrontation with Kevin and I believe it.She never explained how the injury occured.I have been reading for years that he was beating her and cheating on her.Also DM claims it’s pills and alcohol.She probably got on pain pills to deal with the shoulder injury.His trifling ass is probably sleeping at his girlfriend’s house while Wendy is at the sober house in Queens.

  4. Comment section is just as disgusting as y’all say Wendy is . So damn hypocritical , idk how you could want someone to suffer and struggle . Y’all different

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