please don’t ruin my hard-on with your filth

*the following is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

so i’ve been noticing something lately.
it’s kind of “ew”,
but maybe it’s just me.
i don’t know.
so i go on “pornhub” when i need to release some tension.
i’ll browse until i find a scene that fits my fancy.
one day,
i literally got off to anime straight porn.
whole nother story.

this is what i’ve been noticing

“brother decides to fuck sister…”
“mother sucks off son…”
“i decided to give my cousin the dick…”

( x see example )
if you look at the videos following ^that,
you’ll see more titles of gross.
i know ( x fuckin’ a step-sibling ) can be a “fantasy” for some.
i also know that the original video was not the made up title,

When tf did “incest” become the new sexual fantasy?

i don’t even think it’s cute with:

i try to ignore their “connection”.
is it just me or is that sick?
i stopped reading the titles because i want to keep my hard-on.

14 thoughts on “please don’t ruin my hard-on with your filth

  1. Yep, those titles are simply clickbait to get you to watch the video. The “actors” in those videos are as related as Jamari Fox and Vivica A. Fox! NOT! 🙂

  2. Nothing new. I brought this up in a post a while ago. However, what is going on is visual programming. Something I brought up as well. Things are meant to be taboo for a reason because they establish control but as expected you have “that generation” who relishes on being different and heard. Many taboo things (which sometimes can be disgusting) will start becoming mainstream. Feed the masses little by little until they become dependent on it and becomes the norm. So don’t be surprised when most of the things folks consider foul now to become more commonplace.

  3. I believe that they are fake, when Tumblr was popping, I saw one video with different titles: Fucking my brother in law, fucking my cousin, my step brother and I got high and fucked…You can title a video whatever you like when you upload it

  4. This is what white folks get off on family fucking family swinging even that spanking handcuffs that isn’t are thang tho some may like it it’s there sick shit

  5. Lol, I see many Black titles talking both Gay and Str8 with these captions such as ” I F*cked My Step Brotha, or Me and My Uncle. A couple of years ago it was a video of two actual Black twins getting it in, so maybe it is a market for this. On a side note, I finally figured out that Twitter is even wilder than Tumblr and even Tumblr is still not porn free, I heard that they lost a 150 Million viewers ending the Porn. I guess Porn is always going to find a way LoL.

  6. Nothing new… there are entire categories on the erotic story site dedicated to that and every other variation and taboo you could ever think of. So no surprise videos exist on porn sites. Yes it’s sick but somebody is buying and looking at and reading stories about it. You know the world is supply and demand and for some people the only color is green forget the morals.

  7. It’s not new. Taboo porn has been around for a long time. People have just become less secretive about it due to the anonymity of the internet.

    1. So true. I remember back in High School my friends and I saw the X-rated film, Taboo.
      The son fucked the mom, the mom’s friend, etc. We were blown away…disgusted but horny too! LOL

  8. It’s the porn companies. FamilyDick, etc. They set the trends, even the disresepctful porn genres (like interracial, getting call the N word, cops profiling, etc.), it then trickles down to the amateur porn stars that do stuff like that. It’s almost as if they are lowkey condoning pedophilia and incest. They can’t get real kids to play along, so they have these older stand ins to represent thier vision and play it out.

    That’s why I stick to my black and latino ish. It’s regular for the most part (and low budget too! Lol)

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