Do Southern Baller Wolves Prefer Lookin’ Inside Foxholes?

i guess peanut makes his debut again.
mediatakeout decides to start some shit about my:

Screen-Shot-2013-04-09-at-12.06.00-AMthat damn mto….

x mediatakeout

tumblr_ml1f9xrbnr1rlqb55o1_500i hate peanut.
okay i don’t hate him.
i do hate that jheri curl mohawk however.

lowkey: where the hell did they find these pictures?
how do we know they aren’t two cousins having a good time?
some rich woman’s old looking son that he had to take out to impress?
maybe it’s his stylist he is extremely thankful for?
or maybe,
it’s his biggest fan who was dying of cancer?

kerry baby.
i tried.

lowkey2: why are all the jackals and hyenas on twitter
demanding he come out the closet?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “Do Southern Baller Wolves Prefer Lookin’ Inside Foxholes?”

      1. It’s his nephew first off and the pictures come from his sisters husbands daughters page. MediaFakeout is really stretching it.

        But we talked about it last year if you recall.

      2. Whether peanut is his nephew or lover. I’d let Kerry get the pipe. I’d let him pick me up off my feet lol. Don’t judge me, he’s too big for me to be able to pick him up so… you gotta do what you gotta do lol.

        Yea, and I think I know who you are talking about third.

  1. OK i just read the January post for the first time so I’m up to date.Peanut appears to be wearing wedding ring in new pics.:) I think Peanut ( Nut for short) is his assistant or stylist or “play brother “

    1. ^well i need peanut,
      coffee bean,
      shit whoever out the picture.
      someone needs to identify this person.
      does he have a twitter?
      whose ring he got on?
      f-bi lets solve this….
      ….while bringing kerry back oiled up and ready for a long night.

      1. I can’t find nothing on him lol

        Am I the only one who thinks the pics are cute tho? Someone else in here does. I said “aww” out loud when I first looked at the pics, and then I was like wait a minute…. then I said fuck it.

  2. MTO is messy as fuck and sadly all the black people on their are doing their usual song and dance about this is the end of time, and faggot this, and its against God in the comments. The same old tired arguments that all these brain washed religious fanatics bring to the table whenever a Gay topic comes up. These pics are probably innocent but his reputation has been ruined. We are ignorant as a people when it comes to our views on gays, no wonder as a group black men are so closeted and so fucked up because we have little to no support in the straight community. If this is his dude, well hell I say good for him, I was just joking about him the other day,but damn maybe he is one of the ones who are gonna bust the closet door wide open LOL!!!!

  3. I must admit that these pics are cute and emotes an awww. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, However if these photos are indeed real and not doctored, Pics 2 & 3 says “I’m into this dude”. S/N: I saw the comments on MTO and they are downright asinine. These quasi-bible thumpers are quick to call to mind Sodom & Gomorrah when the destruction of Sodom wasn’t remotely connected to homosexuality!

  4. MTO is designed to kill your brain cells…I’ve never seen a site that just utterly reaches without any facts. I won’t even get into the horrible spelling and grammatical issues.

  5. These pics look professional. Iono if he told the photographer to leak them or if this was his way of coming out and he wanted the photographer to sell them to whoever.

  6. Ok judging by the link to the pic that was on the other page im inclined to believe that the assistant is in front in the red shorts and black shirt (wow!)and the guy in the back with the white shirt looks more like the guy he was carrying.I think its innocent cause the guy looks kinda slow I know that sounds mean but I think kerry was just being nice to him maybe hes got a mental disability or something that assistant is fine though and he looks like he could be gay.

  7. But then why would he say it was his assistant in the pics if it wasnt?I think hes trying to protect the real guys privacy and not say who he really is so hes just saying it was the assistant.

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