did a barbz allegedly leak cardi’s address and say shoot her kid????

i don’t understand stan culture at times.
i have my favs,
but i couldn’t see myself hitting below the belt as some do.
folks will risk burning bridges over a celeb that would have them tackled by security.
hate to see it.
the barbz are something else tho.
i thought the hive was ruthless,
after my “dragging” by a barbz over a nicki post i did the other day…

when i saw this about cardi b,
i was really “confuzzled“…

“shoot the baby first”.
if this allegedly came from a barb,
that is out of control.

why isn’t nicki telling her stan base to get it together?
i think all celebs should check their stan bases when they get outta control.
i loved when rihanna did this when the navy was attacking teyana taylor,
especially over losing her grandmother:

at the end of the day:


just because they liked a comment,
how they perform,
or they did something that touched our lives,
that doesn’t mean we need to be giving out FREE pr work for someone you don’t know.
it’s insane.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “did a barbz allegedly leak cardi’s address and say shoot her kid????”

  1. Wow Dear Jamari,

    These sub -species ( Including the disturbed cold Reptilian that came for you) aren’t worthy of access to human public toilets….We must not claim them and categorize them with Klansmen, Nazis Baby Rapist and the like!!!!

  2. These stans are fucking dumb. Both Nicki and Cardi are sitting with their millions comfortably while these stans are glued to social media sleeping on air mattresses trying to figure out how they’re going to find carfare to get to work for the week. If anyone goes to either one of their addresses they’ll be dead. Folks better chill out

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