zaya wade didn’t have to shut it down like this tho

zaya wade has come out to play.
boosie is seething somewhere.
well zaya made her debut at the “truth awards” over the weekend,
accompanied by her parentals,
the wades.
this is how she stepped out


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Always Us. Always ❤🔥

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this is beautiful.
i’m glad she was able to make her debut in style.
she is afforded a life others aren’t,
but at least she is shining for all the forests to see.
goooooo wades.
now let’s wait patiently to hear boosie’s ignorance,
though he claims his mama had to check him.
quote via ( x “baller alert” ):

“That’s just how I felt. People gotta understand that’s how I feel … Even my momma got on my a&& yesterday. My momma called me early in the morning and got on my a**, talking about, ‘Stay off social media! That’s they family! You stay out people’s business …’ But I was just speaking how I felt. Everybody got their own opinions in life. Everyone feels a certain type of way about certain things … When the kids involved, it’s tender to my heart. Once you’re a celebrity, you gotta be ready for what comes with being a celebrity … You gotta be ready for the hundred eyes and all that stuff.””It’s probably a tender situation to him, so he probably don’t wanna get into contact with me,” Boosie explained. “But I said what I said. I don’t hold my tongue for nobody. If that was Barack Obama, I would’ve said the same thing. I’m built like that. It don’t get to me because I live a real life … The only way you can get to somebody like me is [if] it break your hustle. As long as I can hustle and stay free, none of that shit is gonna get to me. Comments are made to be blocked … I get money regardless.”

uh huh.

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4 thoughts on “zaya wade didn’t have to shut it down like this tho”

  1. Boosie is busy ducking the cops he ain’t got time. …but I see Say a been chilling with lilnas X…nice fits…..but I’m waiting on Dwayne to make his debut

  2. Zaya and her parents out here saying, If you know you gone know! I’m hear for it. Step out like that & slay!

    1. Let me try again:

      Zaya and her parents out here saying, If you don’t know you gone know! I’m here for it. Step out like that & slay!

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