dababy gonna be on “red table talk” if he keeps this shit up

well he should because he is in some fuck shit at the moment.
dababy is out here allegedly slapping vixens in the face.
this video with the apology tho…


first off…

Why are some of these male rappers/singers always caught up allegedly assaulting one of their female fans?

your main fan base and you’re disrespecting them?
super low brow and off brand.
so judging from that video,
that looked like a legit slap.
it’s like don’t even pull out your phone when they walk by.
regardless of what she did,
you have your security handle it.
thats why they be paying those big ass muhfuckas.
even tho they ain’t no better:

this is why i like meeting celebs in a more intimate setting.
standing in long ass lines,
everyone pushing,
and then gotta dodge getting slapped or knocked out by them or security?
we good here.
dababy is way too new to be having all these scandals.
he needs to realize he can be ended as soon as he began.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “dababy gonna be on “red table talk” if he keeps this shit up”

  1. Black men don’t seem to hesitate putting their hands on black women…. Quiet as it’s kept, DaBaby, his bodyguard, and that group of 15-20 black boys that jumped a teenage girl wouldn’t keep that same energy with a paler female as there are consequences for a black man putting his hands on white woman.

  2. I agree, if you have a security team, have her escorted out. You can’t go around putting your hands on any female regardless of race. The reason their is no laws protecting black women like white women is because they won’t allow for that law because they too do the same thing. There are no laws protecting blacks the same with whites. Period.

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