Derrick Rose Is A Lousy Tipper After Sex

Would you let him fuck first…

… then pay after?

Well an UN-lucky victim Vixen got some dick, but didn’t get any duckets after…

She sounds like an idiot.
Another win for Derrick.

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Derrick Rose Is A Lousy Tipper After Sex”

  1. Yeah I’d let him fuck, I aint gone lie just to say I did it. I have a feeling he’d probly come back and thats when I’ll make sure I get payment, one centurion card or another.. Lls

  2. LOL most of them women charging proballers for sex trust me most of them do get paid perhaps not always in money but they do get dinner at a 5 star restaurant, maybe they get a little shopping or they may get to stay at a 5 star hotel. Yes Derek Rose if he did mess around (wink wink) he would be a total top, although he seems to be a little soft in person, but most proballers today seem to be this way lol. However, I think he would give the ass up to Jordon or to Nelly if he was ever approached. No I am not saying that Jordon or Nelly are down I am just saying lol

  3. Why would he pay for sex though? Plenty of women (and men) would fuck him for free.

    I’ve seen him in the club before, he seems very reserved. Not really over the top at all and he spoke to everybody.

    I analyzed him hard and deduced he can get it.

  4. LOL I guess it like when a top wants to get another so called top’s ass and he agrees to let the other top tap his azz after he taps his. When it is all ova the top is like no I changed my mind lol

  5. LOL yeah I guess he got the celebrity pass, but I had a crazy associate who once had convinced a hooker to accept a check for services rendered lol. OF course the fucking check bounced lol

  6. LOL man most of the NBA ballers are soft I have rarely met one who isn’t kind of soft but fucking everyday man standards. These kat was cater to most of their young lives. I remember I sent a baller associate to a comic book store in Studio City and yes I do collect fucking comics lol. When he called me back to tell me that he went to the book store he said that he was very excited going there, and I am like I told yo ass you would like the store. He said that “the comic book store was cool, but he was glad because there was a nail store store next to it and he got a manicure and pedicure from there lol”

    1. what kinda comics u collect im a marvel dude. i cot conan, spawn, hell boy, and batman too. i literaly have hundereds of comics prob thousands

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