Dawn Richard Is Full Of Surprises, Huh?


not only does she allegedly look different,
but she did the typical PR vixen stunt….

she is allegedly dating a vixen.
x 4:30.

nice dawn.
coming off real aggressive to.
i wonder if we will see “her” soon?
i liked danity kane and dirty money.
albums were fireeeee.
(ya’ll gotta check out kalena’s ep too)
too bad diddy don’t know how to handle shit like that.
anyway check out dawn’s goldenheart x here.
tell her the foxhole was here.

lowkey: well luv ya dawn,
but lets talk about this…..
druski is fine in person.
brown skin wolf.
he got body too.
that tight red sweater he had on when we met tho….

that is who we need to be talking about.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Dawn Richard Is Full Of Surprises, Huh?”

  1. Oh shit. Dawn get down like that? I never knew. Yea, I agree that she was coming off aggressive in that interview too, and that Druski can get the pipe. He is cute.

      1. He was not even the topic lol. I can lust all I want until it is confirmed whether he is a wolf or not, which I doubt 😛

  2. Druski is fine! But I always got Fox from him… Either way he looks good lol. I’ve been following him on instagram for a while.

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