Chris Brown Has Something To Say

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 10.42.15 PMso this is how we like chris brown.
thirst trap ready.
lets keep it that way.
so allegedly,
chris brown woke up tonight to address the rumor.
you know….
the ones about him allegedly hittin’ some vixen in vegas.
well this is what he said to say on his ig before deleting


not a good look in this video…
tumblr_mz722pf6lh1sex9z8o1_500…but team breezy of course went on to investigate.
this is what they allegedly found about the victim:

she looks just a little touched.
whatever the situation,
it seems to be all a mess.
i hope they can get this resolved.

lowkey: if she is lying,
what is the point?
her reputation will be assassinated by team breezy and chrianna.

videos and pictures: team breezy

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Chris Brown Has Something To Say”

  1. Sooooooo we’re never going to see double mint commercial Chris brown again are we? 😔

    He looks like he needs some serious help in that video. I don’t really believe the story because these days it’s just too easy for the public to believe anything bad about him. That doesn’t excuse his antics but this story just seems too fishy until I see more proof.

  2. It is clear, that the Lite Skinned Ike Turner is on that Shit, but I am not buying this story, this old whore needs to sit. I am like Chris on this, it is no way I am believing this 45 year old groupie pass the test to get in his hotel room, passed the hired goons, if so they need to be fired ASAP because they are slipping. Also this injury is a little suspect, a punch in the eye causing more bruising, and I am sure she would have took pics immediately to boost her story, I think this is a publicity stunt, hoping that she can get paid to go away.

  3. I bet this bitch says she got raped by Bill Cosby too. Bitch have some seats! I’m usually with the victims, but nowadays everybody wanna be famous. I need proof!

  4. Speaking of looking dusty! That video got him looking like a strung out crack head though. I guess it’s hard to be young and famous these days. Good luck breezy #Not_a_Fan

    1. Yea, he looks a fucking mess…maybe all the fidgeting is withdrawal since he’s supposedly not smoking or something lol

  5. I totally agree with y’all somebody been sniffing the powder dust before making this video 👃😁 And is that woman a natural woman btw? She seems to be a transgender woman.

    But on a positive note, Chris does have a nice body, but you can tell he’s a Taurus tho. How? Us Taureans can never be skinny, I noticed that and finally accepted it. I can see why the bull is the symbol.

  6. Wow that video officially sealed it for me. Chris Brown is a nasty classless jackazz who can’t go a day without doing putting dope imto his body. And you can have his pencil D!ck. As for the latina woman involved, most men with common sense know to avoid them at nightclubs. They are cantankerous and are prone to fighting and causing a scene.

  7. So she is a liar.
    But the bigger issue is he appears to be on drugs in this video.I wonder if this video will affect his custody agreement for his daughter.Where is his team? That video was up for quite awhile last night.

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