Chris Brown Allegedly Starts Off The Year With A Pow (Wow)


chris brooooowwwwwwwnnnn?!
who in the ever lovin’ fuck?
why does he look like this?
you know what?
i absolutely can’t.
i do like that ripped denim jacket tho.
super snatchies.

i also can’t believe he started the new year with an alleged battery charge.
i guess what happens in vegas,
stays in vegas…
unless it happens with chris brown?
this is what tmz has to report…

Chris Brown is at the center of a battery investigation after a woman claims the singer punched her in the face. 

The alleged victim tells us she was at a private party in Brown’s suite at the Palms Hotel in Vegas early Saturday morning. She says was able to get her cellphone into the suite without his security noticing and when she took a pic of the singer, he went off, yelling at her and punching her once in her right eye.


The alleged victim, whose name is Liziane Gutierrez (we’re only identifying at her request) says she left the party and called the cops a few hours later but was not taken to the hospital. 

Law enforcement tells us they’re currently investigating the incident and Chris is the suspect.

A rep for the singer tells us the woman’s claims are “undeniably untrue.”


i mean…
how you go from doing all this on stage:

…to allegedly sockin’ a vixen in her eye in your hotel.
confused is not the word.
this isn’t the first time he reacted when someone took a picture.
do they ask him?
or do they catch him doing some fuck shit?

20zct5lis he considering my advice to vanish for 2016?
i hear egypt is beautiful this time of year.

lowkey: why…
does he think that “sunken in/walking dead” look is attractive?
i really like this demin jacket he got on.
i would fuck that jacket UP.
article taken: tmz | pictures credited to owners
video credited: misstweetbabii

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Chris Brown Allegedly Starts Off The Year With A Pow (Wow)”

  1. He needs a new publicist.Who uses the term “undeniably untrue”?Undeniably means incapable of being denied,clearly true,impossible to be denied(fact).SMH
    I don’t know if this true but he hadn’t let random strangers in his hotel suite maybe this could have been avoided.
    I would just asking earlier why is it I never hear his peers like Trey,Omarion,Miguel,Jason,etc being under investigation.He reminds me of Bobby Brown back in the day,always into something yet I never heard the other members of New Edition getting arrested.SHM

  2. If this is true, then he needs help. Perhaps he didn’t take his meds that day.
    I was hoping that he got it together…but it seems Y Collette that he is like a Bobby Brown 2.0, minus the group members.
    He has a child now…he really needs to get it together. Not sure who the manager and publicist are…but they need to be fired ASAP. His “entourage” needs to be kicked to the curb. They are only there for what he can give and do for him…they’re not there for Chris. Sad scenario all around.

  3. The Shade Room has a video he posted on his IG.He is obviously on drugs in the video.He is acting like my uncle who is on crack,slurring his words ,rubbing his head,pupils dilated,etc.Pray for this boy,he looks like a hot mess.

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