can someone take brittany renner phone away, please?

ya know,
not only do the attentionistos need to stop talking so much,
but some of the attentionistas need to follow suit.
brittany renner is one of those attentionistas.
the quieter the better?
i remember when she took thirst traps,
found various ways to shake her bunz,
played soccer with massive wedges,
and stayed pretty low key.
well she has decided to start talking,
but i think she is doing a little too much of it.
who asked for the following confessional?…

wt -entire- f???
it didn’t even make any sense.
it was actually really awkward and try hard.
i was confused with these random droppings too:

is she trying to become an actress?
are these supposed to be audition tapes?
or am i attending the funeral of someone’s sanity?

her stans are in her comments egging her on,
but i think brittany is off her rocker.
i think she should go get a wedge and play some soccer.
on mute,
i’m all for being yourself and cutting up,
but this doesn’t seem authentic.
it comes off as someone who needs attention.

Do straight males find this shit attractive?

i mean i hear “crazy pussy is the best pussy”,
but this pussy might chop his ass up and twerk over the body.
the straight wolves might be into that kinda danger tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “can someone take brittany renner phone away, please?”

  1. That was actually pretty sexy. Whenever they decide to make Mariah’s biopic. Call this crazy broad. Shoe. In.

  2. As usual, another post about someone I don’t know but now discovering..(from a safe distance.)

    I think she looks sexy for a light skin girl…oops did I say that?!?!

    Anyways, I think she has a nice ass and she’s clearly f**kable but I strongly think, she’s just in her Mighty Morphin Attentionista Power Mode is all. I didn’t understand her first video but I’m pretty sure she has tons of teen boys jacking off in the bathroom when they are supposed to be finishing their Algebra homework.

    These girls are also heavy on the make-up usage.

    I like that her tits and booty look natural and not “enhanced” too.

    You always post some characters on this blog, it reminds me just how silly the world is sometimes.

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