Cam Newton Didn’t Even Say “Bye”

dm_121021_nfl_newton_presserso as we all know at that beyonce concert last night,
the carolina panthers lost to the denver broncos.
its like they gave them the win.

well cam newton had a post game interview and this is what happened…


i mean…
i know they lost ‘n’ all,
but can we still have some manners?
cam always struck me as high key rude tho.
this is not excusable.
at least he could have let them know he was over it.
he’ll really be pissed when they tear his ass apart in the media.
get it together cameron.

lowkey: it always better to “grin and bear it” than be the unmannerly asshole.

Author: jamari fox

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33 thoughts on “Cam Newton Didn’t Even Say “Bye””

  1. He needs people to coach him how to be in public. Some of the questions were redundant. Its hard facing tge media when you haven’t had time to process the biggest loss of your career. Imagine you were told you were getting a promotion at work but at the last minute the executives announce someone else is getting the position to the shareholders but never told you. I always believed that the superbowl was rigged. Peyton is in his final days so this was his last hoorah. Too me cam went from thI’d happy go lucky (cute) with a great smile ( commercial shows a great body) and now he’s a mean asshole….sounds like acting

      1. I believe a billion dollar industry has lots orlf people invested for some pretty high dollars. Laws are made based on some the these dealings. Prisons are built despite protest..countries are ruled by alot of shady business behind closed doors. Don’t think wrestling is the only sport that does it and don’t think a fame such as football whicj makes trillions of dollars for certain people and brings residual income for states, is exempt. If they can teach these boys how to risk their bodies fir money they damn sure can teach them how to shuck and jive on cue. How you think these athletes turn to acting so quickly.

  2. What is sad is that I saw an interview with him the other day and he was talkin’ all this BS about learning from Jordan and others…and then he turns around and does this.
    It’s hard to be interviewed after losing in the BIG GAME but I think that he was angry at his teammates for allowing him to be sacked so many times, and being hammered with questions so soon after the game, he couldn’t deal with it. Not to mention he didn’t jump on that fumble, but let Denver get the ball instead.
    The NFL requires them to go out and talk to the media for 3 minutes (think back to Marshawn Lynch’s comical non-interviews) but he wasn’t ready. Perhaps he could have waited a little longer, maybe not.
    His behavior is human…but it was on display at the wrong place

    1. See..rigged… you need drama to keep a franchise going….does anybody really watch synchronized swimming, soccer, or any other event like tge superbowl. don’t need to wait to air your best commercials during the biggest sporting event of the year unless some big money is involved and some strategic planning behind the scenes. Now everybody is talking about a fame that happened yesterday not because of how good the game was but because a nigga showed his ass, beyonce almost busted hers and yall now will be buying $900 beyonce tickets and cam will go for free and got a fat check..

      1. ^Right…like allowing Denver to win so the white All-American quarterback can go out on top?! I got ya! LMAO

      2. Happens everyday in corporate america. Why you think they mad and at the same time had beyonce do formation. Her message spoke to the reality but they say if they let her do her sing they won’t notice the game fixing to let the white boy win. Its like saying “nigga boy, there will be no dabbing on superbowl night” yall betta wake up…

        They “let ” beyonce and Bruno perform during Cold Plays show. They “let” the LGBT rainbow colors on the field….shall I go on

      3. Heck yes the NBA playoffs are rigged. A referee revealed it years ago. He has now been blackballed and any time he’s brought on ESPN they go out of their way to slander his name and downplay his so called “allegations.”

        He said not only did the refs bet on games and use bad calls to help a team win but also the commissioner at the time David Stern favored certain teams over others. The more money a team brings in(tickets, merchandise, etc…) the more likely they will make it to the playoffs.

        Refs would also hold vendettas against certain players. You can find videos on youtube of refs giving Allen Iverson extremely bogus calls because they did not like him. There are also videos of refs allowing certain players leeway by letting them travel and commit blatant fouls.

        It’s very obvious when they want a certain team to win when the fourth quarter is winding down and the refs start calling fouls if a player so much as sneezes on another player just so the favored team can get foul shots and either catch up if they’re losing or give them a few extra points to stop the other team from catching up.

  3. It was hard to see baby daddy after that lost last night. His reaction was human and I know it was hard to sit through that. He can just come lay his head in my lap in my bed and I’m sure I’ll figure out some way to get his mind off of it 😈

  4. Thr sports entertainment industry is one big slave plantation. Who you think owns the teams making the money for the league. Remember the owners have to vote to approve any and everything include the buying and selling of a team. …. if white men could really jump then there would be some white boys getting shine. Until then they say Stephen Curry will do. LeBron will do aa long aa he does what they want and goes where they want

  5. I understand his frustration but he seemed completely inarticulate; his mannerisms were almost like a deer caught in headlights. I agree with Tony. As the leading member of his team, he really needs to be trained to navigate an interview, just basically how to answer as “politely” and as concisely as possible while lightly brushing off the redundant questions. Preparedness is key.

  6. Once again, Sham Newton’s true colors reared their ugly head and all of us who were told to take a seat left the stadiums, bars, friends/fams homes feeling a bit vindicated and warm ‘n cozy feeling that some karmic justice still exists…It’s not so much what he said (although he acted like a str8 hooded bitch w/ his mostly monosyllabic responses expressions – whatever) it’s the fact that you walked the fuck out being he supposed MVP and thus face of the whole damn franchise…Shit, Serena is a machine/beast ALL BY HERSELF – any mistake, misjudment, error is on HER and HER alone…but have you seen her, a true and tried champion, walk outta a Wimbledon presser all crazy (them mofos would surely cluth the pearls)?…naw, she’ll jus matter of factly tell shut ’em down like she did at the Open last year….

    … and then to hear mofos make excuses for him overhearing Harris on the other side of the divider, like ARE U SERIOUS?…comin from the same dude who took post scoring celebratory shenanigans and disrespect to a whole ‘notha level (to the chagrin of his contemporaries)and told e’rybody that had a problem to stop him???….Deion and Stephen A. both share my sentiments:

    I truly believe humility + God-given talent = a true champion…it’s not too late for Newton to learn that lesson…..I jus hope it’s not before he starts to lose the respect of members of his own team (lemme not even get into that fumble – that was shameful) and fan base….

    Lookin’ forward to next season…I have a feelin’ it’s gonna be a beast!

    1. That shared presser is un-heard of. Josina Anderson ‏@JosinaAnderson 10h10 hours ago

      Harris didn’t intend to be heard by Newton, if Newton did indeed hear him, during their pressers last night. Yet CH’s confidence remains.
      22 retweets 15 likes
      Josina Anderson ‏@JosinaAnderson 12h12 hours ago

      Chris Harris to me after realizing later his voice was audible during Cam’s presser: “Damn that’s the NFL’s fault for putting us that close

      This isn’t the first time an athlete has lost in the Super Bowl and left a presser. Peyton Manning did it against the Saints.
      Serena Williams has had to pop off on a few reporters after a loss. She was actually fined for her behavior at the US Open to a line’s judge.

      Cam is a young man who just loss the biggest game he’s ever played. Maybe you would have preferred him to sit there and say something he would later regret as Serena did?

      Screw UNCLE TOM STEPHEN A. who is the biggest flip flopper in the world of sports!

      Panther Nation can give 2 f– s how u feel about our quarterback!

      1. Soooo,losing credibility in terms of MVP-type integrity (esp after havin’ daddy stake claim to his ‘values/character’ ) and having a lasting image at SBL as a sulky beeeyatch rather than risk chump change on a multi-million $ cash flow and challenge what he might’ve considered incessant/stupid questions, ike several on his team already had?…and the argument that Peyton and others have shown their lack of class as a comparison is lame cause they didn’t also disrespectfully show their ass in victory…can’t have your cake ‘n consume too buddy…

    2. So being who he is? = showing his ass. Sounds like your team was one of the 17 victims of the Panthers MVP is earn for his merits on the field and where he positioned his team. The Integrity Award–? I think you mean the Walter Payton Man of the year award. MVPs have been won by cheaters and drug addicts. In the words of your hero Stephen A. Smith ” If you sounds like a duck… and walks like a duck” it must be a HATER

      1. Yeah, we got beat,TWICE! shame; Scam’s an undoubetdely GREAT player – miserably fallin’ short of greatness (that may be to come…….doubt it)….but all that doesn’t change the fact doesn’t change this fact:

        …and it was all confirmed and merely eternalized in a vid snippet for viewing (dis)pleasure for many years to come….

        *sigh* all water under the bridge now, I’m done w/ Clark…ready for next season and season 5 in particular!

    3. Oh it doesn’t change the fact that he had 2 chances to get him, but was on his couch making YouTube videos because of the 2 Ls and to speak out on Cam being a PUNK…. Frank Clark beats females… thats a PUNK… he likes whipping up on females. When Cam slaps around a few females you can call him a punk. This negro wouldn’t even get an invite to the NFL Combine… they no longer allow domestic abusers on the field. Cam may be Clark Kent, but he sure as hell ain’t CLARK FRANK the WOMAN BEATER….

  7. Cam has to humble himself. He has been this way for years after losses, this behavior is nothing new. Cam has to put on his big boi draws and swallow this loss. During the season he was dabbing every week in everyone’s face and the Broncos let him know what time it was lol. Even though I wanted him to win, everyone hyped him up, even his own father who I blame as well because he probably was the biggest enabler. On top of that, Cam said last week he said why can’t LeBron be the Cam Newton of the NBA. LeBron is a two time champion tho, you have not won one. When I heard that, I said he better be careful and not go out there and lose.

    The Superbowl is not rigged either, that is not even possible. I will NOT entertain that. How do you rig talent tho?

  8. When things go not the way as planned, a real leader can deny his feelings and ACT using logic and self control. And for this very reason they lost. He is the team captain right!!! To win big you have to lose big!!! Cam… I don’t care what anyone says..He should of dealt with his personal feelings later. regardless. j/s

  9. I knew there was something about this guy I didn’t like. I remember back when he first got drafted he got full of himself and somebody had to check him.

  10. STOP IT! Who the hell is suppose to be happy after losing? Also, let us not forget the multiple times Peyton Manning has stormed off after choking in the Super Bowl. Don’t change the rules because yall don’t like the young man. He doesn’t need coaching and he damn sure don’t need to change any attitude problems. Yall sound painfully like some weirdos “humble” yourself. No, be proud of yourself including if you are emotional and passionate. “Humble”, yall outcha minds.

    1. Come on Calvin, Preach Bro, this dude has had to endure a full season of being scrutinize by an unforgiving White sports media who criticized his every move. He was under so much pressure, not only was he playing for himself, but for all of Black America. So many people were against him so that the Great White Hope could walk into the Sunshine. White America was probably celebrating in the streets that this young cocky arrogant Black Man lost this game. I saw a passionate player who believes in himself and his ability as a player, who was heartbroken that it didn’t work out. If it would have been a White player the whole narrative would be different, but of course Black people are suppose to always be nice and stay in there place, God forbid they show any other emotion except being happy. Cam only did what so many of us who work in White America would like to do, but know we cant because we need these little measly paychecks they give us every week. He had no more Fucks to give to stupid questions, and whether its a good or bad thing, I have that same attitude when people ask me stupid questions at work and it has got me in trouble, but your ass will know dont come at me with no BS. At the end of the day, its only a Football game, if only we could get White America to generate this same amount of passion about Police Killings of our people and all of the other injustices we face. I will wait on that, because it is not going to happen. I wish all athletes would give a BIG “F” You and boycott one Sunday and not play until some major issues that affect our people are addressed. Go Cam still a Fan

    2. I am a Cam fan, but what you do not understand is, there is a way to conduct yourself in a post game interview. His demeanor should not flip-flop from extremely happy to sad depending on whether he wins or loses. There is a level of professionalism one should have in certain situations, and I should not have to explain this to other adults. It is similar to a man being rejected. He was confident and full of himself before he made his move, but after the rejection he is bitter, disrespectful, and angry. The point is, a person’s attitude should not drastically change depending on the situation. LeBron, Stephen Curry, and Chris Paul are a few examples of superstars who always keep the same demeanor whether they win or lose

      Let’s be real, if you do not watch the NFL consistently, you gotta chill. A lot of people on social media that have been talking watched this one game of the season talking about his attitude and know nothing about his Cam’s behavior after losses.

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