Be Careful Who You Fuck In New Yawk

my foxhole isn’t hungry anymore.
so allegedly,
new yawk is a breeding down for disease and filth.
according to the ny daily news,
there is a hepatitis a outbreak in the city.
a foxholer sent me the following article…

An outbreak of hepatitis A has affected 46 men who live in the city, the Health Department said Friday.

The patients were mostly men who had sex with men or had sexual contact with men between Jan. 2 and Aug. 31, the department said.

One of the cases was a female patient reporting sexual contact with a bisexual male, the Department of Health said.

The agency is recommending that men who have regular sexual contact with other men be vaccinated against hepatitis A.

Of the 46 cases, only three patients with the infection reported previously receiving a hepatitis A vaccine.

The majority of the patients, 37, had not traveled to countries where hepatitis A is present.

The bump in hepatitis infections was a significant increase over the last six years, the Health Department said.

Fifteen of the 46 patients were hospitalized, and all patients have since recovered.

Patients resided in all five boroughs and ranged in age from 19 to 55 years.

Hepatitis A is a vaccine-preventable disease that may have severe effects, especially in adults.

“As we see this troubling rise in hepatitis A infections among men who have sex with men, we remind New Yorkers that this disease is easily preventable,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett.

“Vaccinations are readily accessible and available at our Immunization Clinic and eight Sexual Health Clinics,” she said.

it is a shame that we cannot enjoy sex because folks are fuckin’ nasty.
i’m so glad i’m holding out.
i got the cleanest and disease free-est foxhole out here.
juicy and tight.
at this point,
it’s gonna feel like christmas to some wolf when i give it to him.
for now,
i’m boot up this “pornhub” and chill.

lowkey: these days,
if someone judges you for not fuckin,
i’d laughing in their face.
it’s getting to the point virgins and celibacy is the new normal.

article: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Be Careful Who You Fuck In New Yawk”

  1. Each day I am becoming comfortable living vicariously through porn. I rather be healthy than being sick for the rest of my life because of a one-night stand. And more power to the bug chasers who live in this fantasy world who thinks getting infected is okay.

    Man, I used to love sex before I even had sex for the first-time. Back then sex seems so hot and forbidden, that what turn me on, especially gay sex! HBO Real Sex, Queer as Folk, American Beauty, and Poison Ivy was my shit back in the day, I just had to bring that up. Anyway sex today has lost it spark for me.

  2. People aren’t getting vaccinated though?

    I do understand a lot of black and brown people don’t trust vaccinations because of the government but it’s not like they can’t just put stuff in our food as well 🤷🏾‍♂️

    I’m more worried about people minimalizing diseases such as HIV just because people are living longer lives with medication and being deemed undetectable.

    No one wants to dehumanize those living with HIV but I still don’t want that shit and I still feel like you have an obligation to disclose to me if we are about to engage in sexual contact even if it is protected.

    Some of the conversations defending those knowingly spreading the virus is enough to abstain from sex.

      1. Hep A is usually a very self limited disease and the majority of people recovery from it. Basically like having a bad stomach virus for a week or so. Its transmitted fecal matter so most of the people who got it most likely from eating unclean ass lol. People usually get the Hep A vaccine if they’re traveling to poorer countries because food and water is so easily contaminated in those areas. But if you want be cautious you can get at most dr offices and health departments. Hep B and C or the ones you really need to worry about because they cause the more serious types of illness and you can get them through unprotected sex. You should have gotten your Hep B vaccine as kid but there is no vaccine for Hep C so you have to be cautious when dealing with potential partners just like any other STD. Hope I helped a bit

  3. Figures….folks sucking assholes like Kool-Aid (including straight females 🙄)…Deep diving in pussies and mountain climbing on dicks like the greatest vacation experience ever & It (not the Clown, the STIs) are catching up to them.

    Let me tell you…sex has always been a thing, even for us 90s babies…but these byxhes today…Sex is everything and everywhere. Don’t let me get on the gays either. Every time you turn around, they hosting some kind of sex party. Father’s Day Freakfest, Back to School Bareback, Easter Eat Me Out Second Coming..They don’t gaf these days…They make a sex party out of anything…

    New School Porn ain’t no better…

    Niggas have Connectapal, OnlyFans and I don observed some of these accounts and you have folks charging $9-30 a month for some 10sec clips and some half-assed photoshopped images of they ashy asses and crusty dicks. So online prostitution is the new craze…Who the fuk pays full price for a teaser when there is Myvidster or Pornhub…Boy/Girl…bye.

    Everyone attempting raw these days and screaming PreP. Yeah we get that but what about all that other shyt you can catch? Everybody ain’t clean and Yu be seeing niggas let dudes nut all of them one after the next and bragging about it like…live and let live…Excuse me? What happened to the time when we actually was shunning all this rawness & shyt. Now you got folks bragging about it like they about to win an Oscar at the STI Awards. Talking about PreP….They better PrePare to get that fire for that reckless behavior.

    Where is that Usher track when you need it…*put it on repeat*

    1. Truth be told, Truvada is not for everyone especially with those health problems. I personally took a trial test one afternoon, only to experience a couple hours later, a burning sensation from my liver. That experience made me realize had I been infected with HIV; I would be in a great deal of pain, suffering and regret. I read recently, one guy pancreas was burn that he had to go to the ER room,

    2. @Jammy, when I tell you the “Easter Eat Me Out” took me out this morning. OMG I cant this morning LMAO. I am on the floor but seriously you have spoke a word this morning. When I tell you all I even entertain from casual sex is mutual masturbation at this point. I am almost even scared of a little bump and grind. I know you are going to have the sex patrol run in here saying we are distorting things and causing unnecessary alarm but it is nothing like taking your annual physical and the Dr gives you a clean bill of health. Sex is so complicated now especially gay sex. You have guys who are HIV positive but undetectable now thinking it is okay not to disclose this, just recently happened to a good friend this summer with a guy he was dealing with. Personally I would not trust any pill like Prep to be full proof and protect me if I was engaging as the receiver in anal sex. The other side of the coin is that myself and I am sure along with many others are probably a little sexually frustrated because we do not engage in casual sex but being able to live and see another day without worrying about your health is a trade off I am willing to live with. I have friends who think I am a prude and dont understand me because they are out here 24/7 on apps at bookstores and sex parties but I would rather watch pornhub than have itchy privates from engaging in non-stop casual sex. I am knocking sex by any means and I would participate whole heartily with someone who had as much regards as I did toward their sexual health. Of course I am not naive to think that being in a relationship will bring safety, personally even in a relationship I am going to practice safe sex if my partner cant accept that then oh well. I am grateful to have come thru the storm without any bumps and bruises when I was younger and not making smart choices regarding my sexual health as I have had many people I know who are no longer around. Be safe out here in these STD streets.

      1. Chile, it’s real these days…Gotta get your own hand tested now. I’m not knocking sex per say either. Some of these menz Jamari put on his site be tempting but what look good on the outside (& thru Instagram filters) ain’t always good for your insides. I’m not trying to be Mr. Itchy and Scratchy either. I know that folks exchange germs all day and what not but everyone bacteria is different so I read & when I see how folks confuse freak with nasty. If you wanna eat me out, go ahead, I wash my buns with holy water so my cakes are anointed. Now when you start talking about nutting in folks and eating it back out and all that…I think that’s nasty but everyone have their own kinks and what not.

        I notice how asseating has been creeping it’s way into straight porn more and more over the years…and Yu know bytchs (Becky’s) luv to do everything they see on TV..(Richard Simmons High Kicks and shit).

        Idk know bout eating no st8 dude buns…y’all know straight dudes be having skid marks in they drawls for days.I mourn for any female that does “anything” to keep her man. What Yu won’t do another will, but at least next week you wont be running to the Pepto bismal Pitstop…🙄

        Sucking dick used to be fun… Beyonce need to come out with a new song cus now a days we need to put more than a ring on it… maybe these hoes will listen.😥😮

  4. You know what? I worked a sweet 16 this weekend and I saw these kids listening to Future, Migos, Cardi B and I was shaking my head but then I stopped myself. We condemn this new generation for the things we used to do. There was sex parties back in the Classic times so lets not act like each generation was on a higher moral authority. I feel like there is a time and place for everything. When I was 18-24, I was a hoe. If you looked at me too hard, you was coming home with me.

    At 28, I calmed down. There isn’t anything that impresses me or something that I haven’t done out there in the streets. That being said, as you get older, your tastes and tolerances get to be more refined and you don’t find yourself doing what you used to do. I hope and pray all of these younger kids out here come to that realization earlier than I did before they catch something they can’t get rid of.

    1. Lets not forget, Hepatitis A can be transmitted through food. I got it recently from my job cafeteria eating mac and cheese, with chicken fingers. Who ever prepared my lunch, didn’t wash their hands properly however the disease naturally goes away after weeks or 6months.

      1. That’s one of the methods in which it is transmitted most…through the food service industry, where people don’t wash their hands properly.

  5. Yes J, sorry to bring the news close to home. This year has been testing me especially health wise. I was considering taking the flu vaccine this fall, but from what I hear from ppl at work and my brother they have gotten sick after a shot. That suspicious meal I had that day, half of my eyes turned yellow, and I was peeing brown urine and I tell you I freaked out. I scheduled a doctors app the next day and the doctor told me to drink plenty of fluids, my favorite is cranberry juice, and no alcohol because it affects the liver. Those symptom cleared up after 2 weeks and boy the County Health Department called me to make sure if I was O.K. But Its no fun in the parks especially when your on remission and your test result are still reactive!

    1. @myolox…you generally will get sick after getting the vaccination. My doctor old me that it happens so that the vaccine can attack the virus, allowing the body to build up immunity…until the next strain comes along.
      I get the shot because I had the flu a couple of times and it is no joke. Plus, my nasty ass co-workers don’t like to stay their asses home when they get sick. They come to work coughing, sneezing and walking all around the place just spreading their germs. It pisses me off to no end, and every year I have to get on someone. I’m like stay home! All you’re doing is passing the germs on the next person here in the office, and then they will do the same.

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