Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna… (Fenty)

absolutely stunning.
can i just say how proud i am of rihanna?
she is setting herself real nice in these forests.
so she ended her “fenty beauty tour” over the weekend.
^that is what she wore over in madrid, spain.
these are some more shots of this beauty…

she legit put the kardashians in a chokehold.
it’s so bad,
they had to drum up a “kylie is pregnant” story:

you know they loathe when the attention isn’t on them.
they do it with b and rih.
copying their shit in hopes of culture vulturing.
too bad for them,
#blackgirlmagic is here to stay.

lowkey: i love that rihanna is in her own lane now.
she is on her mogul shit and is doing it her way.
i love it.
apparently she has more surprises for us:

i’m excited.

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  1. This is how you snatch the makeup game kardashians. Rih came out & made sure to include dark skinned people of various forms and make sure its a nice collection. Im so proud

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