Baller Wolf Aaron Rodgers Really Really Ain’t Gay

d1b0abce3ff211e39c0c22000ab69875_6so you know after the ( x alleged outing ) of baller wolf of the packers,
aaron rodgers,
that the witch hunt would soon begin after.
well like kerry rhodes,
he went and did the ultimate “no no”: defend their straightness.
he had an interview with espn 540 in wisconsin and this is what he had to say…

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers decided to address rumors surrounding his sexuality in an interview with ESPN 540 in Wisconsin.

“I’m just going to say I’m not gay,” Rodgers said. “I really, really like women.”

Rodgers has long kept his life away from football guarded, and he answered the allegation with brevity and a touch of incredulity.

“There’s always going to be silly stuff out there in the media and you can’t worry too much about it. I don’t.” Rodgers added, “I think professional is professional and personal is personal and that’s how I’m going to keep it.”

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Colin_Farrel-Disgustedok i won’t give aaron the face,
too much,
but he that “i really really like women” was not needed.
it reeked of “believe me please!
no i do!
no seriously!
i’m straight!
see look i breathe straightness!
i’m straight and i got my straight card to prove it last week!
hold on let me get my wallet!”
the other part of the interview was perfect.
now i “really really” like you aaron,
but you can stop talking now.

article/interview clip taken from: for the win/usa today

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Baller Wolf Aaron Rodgers Really Really Ain’t Gay”

  1. WHY WHY WHY did he even address the issue? He just gave the press all the ammunition in the world to go prove the’ I really, really like women” quote a farce! SMH

    1. ^he got scared lol
      sadly addressing things like this only make people more suspicious.
      it’s best to lay low until the storm passes.
      every scandal has a expiration date.

  2. That is the answer of a bisexual lol.. We never say whether we like men or not, but we tell people we like women. Some of you know what I am talking about. Aaron, I really, really like women too, but I really, really like men also. No one would care if he’s gay, the people love Aaron Rodgers, I definitely do. He is a lil cutie too.

  3. Yeah, that comment sounded a little too desperate.I agree with everyone else.He shouldn’t have acknowledged it.Did he forget he was White?All he had to do was make one call and the story would be swept under a rug never to be brought up again.Especially by ESPN.They love coddling White Quarterbacks and slandering the Black ones.They made sure to report that the Ben Roethlisberger rape case would only be reported once yet you see how many times they brought up the Jameis Winston rape case even though it had no backing.Ben was involved in two rape cases and you didn’t hear a peep from ESPN.

    Aaron should’ve used his White privilege.Kind of reminds me of Trey Songz.I’ve seen him make comments where he acts like he has to let you know how much he likes women aka that he’s straight.When I saw your post about him liking some stripper’s cooch, I admit I rolled my eyes.

  4. by publicly denying…he just angered his lover. Due in part to the upcoming storm…Aaron is about to “retire” from the NFL. LOL

  5. He said I am not Gay and I really,really like women.He never said I didn’t have a relationship with Kevin. If he is Gay or Bi he will come out when he retires maybe.

  6. I agree with Y Colette. Being “not gay” and “really loving women” are both consistent with being bisexual. He could have/should have been asked if he’s bisexual and if he has ever had sexual relations with a male (including–but not limited to–receiving or giving oral sex, receiving or giving penetrative anal intercourse and receiving or giving kissing) and whether he has been in a romantic/sexual relationship with any man (including–but not limited to–that Kevin guy). And they are both consistent with being gay in the past.

    1. I just read that Kevin ,Aaron’s former assistant,is also a Christian Gospel Singer.Kevin also has tweeted about looking for nice Christian women.If Kevin is Gay he is in the closet.If he outs Aaron he will be outing himself as well.This is not a Peanut/Kerry situation.Aaron didn’t have to say anything.

  7. Wow another athlete and a scorned ex.

    NDA are real things. Stop dating, fucking, and screwing basic bastards and basic bitches who have nothing better to do than expose themselves and you on social media.

    Don’t care about A.Rodgers’ orientation, more concerned about the company he keeps. This was an assistant, you should know how one rolls before fucking with them, especially as a man of means.

    Wish a bitch would try to interfere with my endorsement checks.

    I save all relationship complaints until after tax season. Always have an exit strategy, twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are not effective strategies.

  8. Im just looking at how this is playing out, pretty much how I thought it would play out. ESPN is not going to touch their golden boy or no golden boy for that matter with any Gay stuff best believe too much money at stake. He appeased his white fan base, its so funny how white people will move on from this and accept this as fact, they dont have to worry about a Bossip or Mediatakeout dragging this story on and on like a Black celebrity would especially a male. The largely black female fan base of these blogs drag all Black men and have fits and conniptions especially when it involves someone gay. I figured this would blow over and be much ado about nothing. The scorned lover has been payed and agreements signed if this is indeed true. ESPN will beat a brother down and all his dirt especially if it involves drugs, illegitimate children, spousal abuse, but Aaron is going to get a pass and most White celebrities will everytime, unless they explicitly come out and then its a lovefest. I learned that about the sports soap opera network ESPN with the Ben Roethlisberger case as well, they treated that story with kid gloves.

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